Jul 14

No Internet or Router not working?

Device manager network connections

In my line of work the call I most often get is “I have no internet” or “my router is not working and most of the time there is an easy fix to the issue. This article is based on three real world visits I did in the past week. We are going to look at …

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Jul 04

Windows 10 For FREE – How to Upgrade

Automatic upgrade

This article is more a reminder that the period to get windows 10 for free is fast approaching and many people have still not taken advantage of the free upgrade. The offer expires on the 29th July 2016 and after this period Windows 10 will now longer be available for free could cost upwards of …

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Jun 17

Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Setting Windows 10 Privacy Options A lot has been made about Windows 10 privacy issues recently due to the free upgrade from previous versions and like lost people I do not mind sharing some information as at the end of the day its the information age but what I do not like is my information …

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May 31

Open PDFS in Windows 10

PDF Default App

One of the most common questions I get with Windows 10 is “Why wont PDF’s open like they used to before I upgraded to Windows 10, how can I open PDFs like I did before?” Fortunately the solution is very simple and can be used to cover a range of different files in windows 10 not …

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May 28

Change the default app for files (Windows 10)

How To Change the default app Do you ever get frustrated when you try to open a file and it asks you what you want to open it in every time or worse still it opens it in the wrong program? Well we all do and the main reason is because that particular type of …

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Feb 18

The End of Support for Windows XP

Windows XP is coming to the end of its long life and will no longer be supported by Microsoft after the 8th of April 2014. What this means for users that are still using Windows XP is that there will be no more security patches or bug fixes released after this date for Windows XP. …

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Feb 05

Extending Your Home Wireless Internet

It seems as if everything we use today now requires our home wireless internet from our computer to phones and cameras and more recently televisions. I even saw a WiFi Kettle advertised just the other day and these types of home appliances requiring internet connections will probably be the norm in the years to come. …

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Jan 21

What is Port Forwarding

In simple terms port forwarding is the process of forwarding data to a port on a specific computer or ip address. Port forwarding can be complex but this article is intended to give you a basic understanding of what port forwarding does without all the jargon. A good example of the use port forwarding is …

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Jan 18

How to remove FunMoods

Funmoods is a piece of Adware that often gets installed as part of another program and hijacks your browser. While in itself it is nothing more than an annoyance it can leave the door open for other more malicious applications. If you have installed the funmoods program you will notice a few things change. The …

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