Apr 27

10 great gadgets and unusual gifts for techies

We all like our gadgets and here we list some of the more unusual gadgets to the usual lists of iPads and iPhones and other such devices that are listed pretty much to death on the internet.

This list contains unusual gift ideas for techies and geeks alike some fun and some just silly but at the end of the day I would have everyone of them if offered to me!

So now lets countdown 1 to 10 of the most unusual gadgets for techies

Unusual gadget idea grass charging1. The Grass charger

Amazon: Kikkerland OR08-W Grass Charging Station, White

This unusual little device allows you to hide your cables in artificial grass. The cables are hidden away allowing you to charge your iPod, phone in a lush green patch…



Great gadget robotic lawn mower2. Robotic lawnmower


Have a techie other half who won’t get out there and Mow the lawn? Get them one of these. Not only does it mean you get your lawn mowed when you want it done it also means you have bought them something for their birthday/Christmas that is useful to you.

A steep price but better than living in a jungle. The mower can be remote controlled too!


Unusual trousers3. Beauty and the geek computer trousers


These trousers are for the true geek. Combing fashion with technology does not get any better than this. These neat trousers also have built in speakers. Unusual but who would not want a pair!


4. Virtual laser keyboard

Amazon: Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad

Want to do away with your physical keyboard then check out this functional virtual keyboard that uses lasers to create a keyboard on your desk. Surely a must by for any true geek

baby monitor gadget5. Withing smart baby monitor

Amazon: Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Although a struggle to class it as a gadget his incredible baby monitor allows you to monitor your baby from wherever you are via your iPhone or iPad.


asus transformer 3006. Asus Transformer 300


Can’t decide between that new tablet or a netbook well know you don’t have to with this bit of kit from asus. It has a few obvious downside but hey we think it looks very cool!




video glasses7. Vuzix iWear


This incredible gadget lets you watch TV or films through specially designed glasses. Compatible with a range of phones and the iPad watching movies never got so easy. Watch films while lying on the beach, in the bath or as a passenger on a long journey by car or bus.


smartswipe unusual gadget8. Smartswipe


Sick of entering credit card details when shopping online. well this nifty gadget takes all the hassle of inputting those pesky numbers away.



boogie board9. Boogie board Rip

Amazon: Boogie Board Rip

This paper like device allows to draw and write without the need for pens and save your drawings. A great replacement for multiple notebooks and pads. Check it out above.


iLaucher gadget10. iLaunch Thunder

Amazon: Dream Cheeky 358 iLaunch Thunder for iPhone

This great gadget is suitable for the toy for the inner child of a lot of grown men that work in offices. A remote rocket launcher that can be accessed by your iPhone to shoot foam missiles at your associates!! Superb