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10 quick tips to make your iPad 2 a securer more productive iPad

The vast number of people who have an iPad is ever increasing especially with the release of the new iPad yet the majority have just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the little things that an iPad can do.

There are many little tricks and hidden features that can make your iPad a more productive iPad and a securer iPad. We look at things like how to remove apps after your son or daughter has got hold of your iPad and downloaded 50 free games or even restricting access so they can’t install these games in the first place.

ipad 2 productive and securer

Ipad 2 trick 1Sort your apps into folders

Are you one of those people like me that have pages of apps on your iPad? Well now you can make your iPad a little more productive by removing the clutter and sorting those apps into individual folders. For example have a folder for social media apps, a folder for music apps, and a folder for games and so on.

To do this simply tap and hold an icon on your iPad until all the icons flash. Then drag and drop it on top of another icon to create a folder. You can then name the folder what you want.

Ipad productive tip 2Take a screenshot on your iPad

It is possible to take a screenshot on your iPad by simply holding the Home button and pressing the sleep button at the top. You will hear a click and the screenshot will be stored in your pictures.

ipad tips quick linksQuick links other than .com

When you are accessing websites you have probably seen and used the .com key on the keyboard but if you hold down the .com key you get a selection of other domain shortcuts which help to make using the iPad a little faster and a little more productive.


ipad tip 4Turning off auto correct

Auto correct is great but it can also be very VERY annoying especially when I am trying to write an address or something similar in notes so I prefer to turn mine off as it saves me time having to retype things that have been auto corrected. To turn off auto correct on the iPad go to settings and then select general. Scroll down and select keyboard and then flick the auto correction slider to the left.

five Ipad productive tipSwap and add icons to bottom bar

The bottom bar of your iPad 2 has 4 icons on by default but you can change these and it does support up to 6 icons to make accessing your favourite programs quicker. To add or remove icons you first need to tap and hold any icon until they all shake. Then tap, hold and drag and drop to the bottom bar. You can also remove icons from the bottom bar by doing the same thing and dropping them on the main screen. Once you have done moving icons press the Home button.

You can also move icons to another page by dragging to the far left or right of the current page to swap to another page.

ipad tricks and features 6Delete an app

Deleting an app is quick and easy. Tap and hold the application you want to delete. All apps will vibrate. To delete an app from your iPad press the x next to the app.


ipad tip and trick 7Add Bookmark to home screen

Adding a bookmark to the main screen is something that passed me by for a while until a friend showed me how to do it. I could not believe I had missed it for so long.  When using safari click the add bookmark button (the one to the left of the address box) and press the “add to home screen” button. Then give the shortcut a title.

This will put a shortcut to the website on your home screen.

securer ipad tip 8Closing Apps

Multiple open apps can cause battery drain so sometimes it is a good idea to close some of the apps in the background.

To close an open app press your home screen button twice and you will get a bar along the bottom of the iPad. Press and hold one of the icons and you will get a minus sign next to each icon. Press the minus sign to close that app down. Press the home screen button twice to come out.

secure your ipad 9Secure your iPad with more than a 4 digit code

If you are someone who stores confidential information or private data on your iPad it is very important that you secure your iPad from unauthorised access.

There are 2 ways to secure your iPad. The first is via a passcode that is a 4 digit code that you enter and the second is the more secure way of a regular password.

To access both types go to settings and then general. Under passcode lock press turn passcode lock on. You will be asked to set a passcode and repeat it. Be sure you remember what the password is especially if you use tip 10.

If you choose you could then opt for the simpler 4 digit number by sliding the simple passcode to on and creating a 4 digit code.

ipad erase data tipSelf Delete

For people who want an even securer iPad there is what I like to call the self-destruct method. Although it’s not really going to self-destruct what it does do is wipe the contents of your iPad if the passcode is entered wrong 10 times. Be careful when using this feature as this is not reversible and is not advisable when you have children or other people in the house that may try to access it. This feature is more designed for if the iPad is stolen to protect your personal data. This setting can be found under passcode in settings/general.

ipad restrictions 11Set restrictions (Bonus Tip)

There is an option on the iPad to restrict its use to certain applications and certain content. This is ideal if you have children that also like to use your iPad and you don’t want to be restrictive in the way of password protecting your iPad. The restriction setting can be found by going the setting/general and then selecting restrictions.

Once you set restrictions to on you will be asked for a passcode and from there you can disable various features of the iPad. For example if you disable safari you will no longer see safari on you home screen or be able to access it via shortcuts on your home screens.

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