Aug 06

4 Of The Best Free FTP Software Programs

What is Free FTP software used for?

FTP is a protocol more commonly used to transfer data to websites but it can also be used for other reasons such as storing data or online backups. In the case of websites you create the content on your PC and then transfer those files to your web server using your FTP program.

Use in web development

If you have a website you should be familiar with how FTP works but if you don’t or you are relatively new to building a website you are given a FTP address with your hosting account which will contain a username and a password. You enter the FTP address into your free FTP program which usually looks something like ftp.thewebsite.com along with your username and password and sometimes a port (usually port 21).

Once connected this allows you to see the file system on the target computer and transfer the files between the two. So lets look at the top 4 free FTP software programs that allow you to do this.

filezilla free ftp softwareFilezilla

Filezilla is probably the most popular of the free FTP programs and it is a program that I have been using for a number of years. It is very easy to use and very fast and the user interface is easy to use and understand.

Below are just a few of the features of filezilla:

  • Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • IPv6 support
  • Resume support
  • Quick connect
  • Supports simple drag and drop
  • Bandwidth control

Filezilla is also available across multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS and probably best of all is that it is a completely free FTP software program.

Download Filezilla

Free FTP

Free FTP is developed by coffee cup that have been around over 16 years and have created a number of great programs. Free FTP is one such program that is loaded with features and is very easy to use. Some of its features include:

  • Pause and resume downloads
  • Bookmark your sites and folders
  • Easy to understand UI
  • Supports secure file transfers
  • Supports drag and drop
  • Bandwidth control

You really can’t  have a list of free FTP software without including Free FTp. It has been around the block is historically reliable and best of all it is completely free. They do also do a version that is not free called Direct FTP that allows you to edit files in server as well as lots of other features that the free software does not have. If you are looking for something a little more powerful or advanced it may be worth looking into Direct FTP.

Download Free FTP

core ftp free ftp programCore FTP

Core FTP is yet another very fast and very reliable free FTP program that does all you would expect it to do and more. Highly rated by the popular CNET site and by its users Core FTP offers a very clean user interface and easy to use controls. Some of the features in core FTP include

  • Browser integration
  • Site manager
  • Bandwidth control
  • Retry and resume
  • Drap and drop support

Unfortunately there is no schedule function in the free version but that is the only let down for this great little program that it is free for home and business use. Those requiring a little more can purchase core FTP pro which comes with many more features like encryption, scheduling and much more.

Download Core FTP

smart ftp free ftp softwareSmart FTP

Our final free FTP program is Smart FTP. While the user interface is not quiet as clean as some of the other programs out there it is difficult to leave this little program out especially when it is packed with features such as:

  • FTP and FTPS support
  • Multilingual
  • Scheduling and bandwidth control
  • Drag and drop and search functions
  • Multiple connections

These are just some of the features of this quick and reliable FTP program.

Download Smart FTP

And there you have it our 4 of the best free FTP software programs for you to use. It is worth remembering that although a free FTP program is great they can be a little limiting if you are and advanced user. It may be worth looking either at the PRO versions of the listed software.