Jul 08

5 Free Virus Scan Online Providers

5 Free Online Virus Scanners

Performing a virus scan online is something you may wish to do for many reasons but it is also highly recommended you run anti virus software on your computer at all times and use a online virus scan as a backup.

 o You have a computer infected with a virus that is blocking your current virus protection

 o Your virus protection is not detecting the virus

 o You want to be sure your computer is clear of viruses

 o For some reason you can not run anti virus software and can only do a virus scan online. (Not recommended)

There are many sites that allow you to run a virus scan online and we are going to look at a few of them. It should be noted that most online virus scanners need to install a small piece of software on your computer to run.

Kaspersky virus scan online1. Kaspersky Security Scan

Kaspersky is another very highly rated antivirus software company that are known for their high detection rates. Kaspersky offer a free virus scan online via their website and requires a small download to perform the scan.

  • Detects all types of malware, viruses and other security threats
  • Fast scanning
  • Latest definitions

Visit: Kaspersky free virus scan online

Nod anti virus software2. ESET

ESET is a world leader in antivirus software and the same goes for its online virus scanner. It does require a small download to run the scan.

ESET virus scan online has the following features:

  • Detects malware, viruses, Trojans
  • Is fast and easy to use
  • Is always up to date with the latest definitions

Visit: ESET virus scan online

Bitdefender free virus scan online3. Bitdefender Virus Scan Online

Bitdefender who provide a range of highly rated security suites also provide a free online virus scanner. The scanner is quick and detects a range of virus and spyware programs with its high detection rates.

Visit: Bitdefender online virus scan

Norton online virus scan4. Norton Online Scan

Symantec offer 2 types of scans. A virus scan online and a security checkup. Both of these scans are free. The scan is quick and efficient in finding any type of virus, worm or Trojan and is a great addition to your computers current security

Visit: Symantec online virus scanner

Trend Micro virus scan online5. Trend Micro Housecall

Our final entry in out virus scan online list is trend micro’s house call. Like most it does require a small download but the scan software is very quick and efficient detecting malware, spyware, Trojans and worms and leaving your PC clean.

Visit: Trend Micro Housecall virus scan online

As we said at the beginning of this article although doing a virus scan online is a great resource it is still highly recommended that you use software suite like Kaspersky installed on your PC as your first line of defense.

Visit the Kaspersky websitefor more information on their products, free trial downloads and the latest discount and offers!