Jun 12

7 Wonderful iPhone Apps for Pet Owners

Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a bird, your iPhone can help you better feed, better treat, and better look after your pet, provided of course that you use the right apps. You’ll find plenty of great iPhone pet apps in the App Store – here’s a small selection of them.

iKibble ipad appiKibble – $0.99

Feeding well your dogs is often more difficult than it seems. Not all foods good for humans are good for dogs. iKibble helps you discover the best common foods for your dogs, as well as how to prepare them, and how and when to give them. Your dogs will be grateful if you grab this app.

pet first aid ipad appPet First Aid – $3.99

This app might help you save the life of your pet. It comes with step-by-step illustrations and videos for dealing with wounded or sick pets, from treating bruises to preventing choking. What’s great about it is that it lets you keep an individual medical history for each of your pets.

pet acoustics ipad appPet Acoustics – $1.99

This app features music specially created for cats, dogs, or horses, which soothes them, making them feel calmer in potentially stressful situations. Pet Acoustics can work wonders when you use it before taking your cat to the vet, or while travelling with your dog in the car.


Pet palsThe Pet Pal- Free

A pet tracking app, The Pet Pal works with all types of pets. It lets you create a profile for each of your pets, and record what your pet likes or dislikes, as well as schedule events like a visit to the vet. Profiles can easily be shared with a caretaker.

Pet Names

Pet Names – Free

Featuring over 3000 pet names for you to choose from, Pet names is indispensable whenever you’re about to buy a new pet. The app lets you browse names by pet type like cat, dog, or rodent. Considering that it’s free, is well worth grabbing.

petometer iPad appPetometer – $0.99

An app that helps you track your walks with your dogs, Petometer comes with extensive recommendations on dog exercises. Other features include ability to track walking spots, store a history of past walks, and Facebook integration for sharing with others the best walking spots you discover.

clicker trainer ipad appClicker Training – $0.99

An effective pet training app, Clicker Training is not limited to training dogs, like most similar apps are; it also works with cats, hamsters, birds, and even horses. It comes with many training tips which will help you train your pet faster and more effectively.


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