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Jan 16

Toshiba Laptops Stuck On Please Wait Screen

This is a problem I have been seeing numerous times over the past few months and there is an easy solution in a lot of cases which involves disabling a bit of software that comes pre-installed by Toshiba. The problem seems to be caused by a program called notebook performance tune up which is run …

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Oct 28

Using The System File Checker in Windows

The Windows system file checker is a very underused tool in my opinion as it has got me out of a few holes in the past. Most people don’t even realise this tool exists in both Windows Vista and Windows 7. The tool is designed to check for and repair corrupted and damaged files on …

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May 23

How To Shutdown Windows 8

  In nearly all previous versions of windows the shutdown procedure was relatively simple to work out. The Shutdown, restart and sleep options were all located just off the start button. Unfortunately in windows 8 this is not the case and with the revamp of the user interface the start button no longer exists in …

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May 20

Computer Security Terms Explained

I have found through my day job (as a computer technician) that there is a lot of confusion over security in general when it comes to computers and especially a lot of confusion over what things actually do. This article is designed to give a brief explanation of some of the more common security components …

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May 17

Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro: Which Macbook Should You Get?

  So, you want to get a Macbook. That’s great; once you go Mac, you never go back. But, your choices don’t end with the Apple vs. Windows debate. Apple’s Macbook range is split into two models: the Air and the Pro. Both are great computers, but which one is right for you? Keep on …

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May 15

Top 5 Weirdest Things Ever Auctioned On EBay

Most people use eBay to buy normal things like jeans or concert tickets at cheap prices, but every now and again one can find a listing that is anything but ordinary. Since eBay began, there have been a number of crazy listings (some fake and some frighteningly real) which have caught the public eye. Here …

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May 13

Setting Up Emails In Windows 8 Live Mail

Many providers now allow you to access you emails from anywhere via web-mail (the process of logging in to a website to collect you emails)but many still prefer to have the emails come directly into their computer. This article will look at how you can set up windows 8 live mail to receive your emails and what …

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Jan 07

Top 5 Useful Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

While you will find many articles with Windows 7 tips very few of them are useful to the average users. We look at the top 5 useful Windows 7 tips that can help make life a little easier. 1. Lock your Computer When you are away from your desk you may want to secure your …

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Dec 28

Windows Backup – Create a Windows Image Backup

There are many programs out there that will cost you a lot of money just to back up your computer but what people do not realise is that Windows comes with its own backup application that can keep your files safe and secure. The Windows backup utility allows you to do a variety things including …

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