Apr 23

BT Infinity 2 super fast broadband for the UK

BT give free speed boost to infinity customers

bt infinity speed boostThere is good news for anyone in the UK who is able to get BT infinity as BT have now given the users of the infinity service a huge speed boost. The 7 million households that are able to access BT infinity could now be seeing speeds the rest of us can only dream about.
BT infinity 2 boasts a top download speed of a massive 76Mbps which is double the 38Mbps of BT infinity.

The best news for customers is that BT are not charging their customers anymore for this extra speed boost. It is not only the download speed that will be taking a massive jump the upload speed is expected to be around about 10MB which is faster than the majority of broadband users in the UK currently download at!

It really does look like the broadband speed race is heating up especially after Virgin media dramatically increased its customers speed also at no extra cost earlier in the year. Having said that virgin did not seem to be prepared for the increase in data and dropped the speed of excessive downloader’s soon afterwards. This is unlikely to happen in the case of BT though although it does remain to be seen. Do you have BT infinity what speed are you getting let us know?

Overall it is good news that we are seeing faster speeds in the UK and we are catching our European friends up finally after lagging behind for so long. You can’t help thinking when this news broke though that surely those who regularly suffer with 1-2MB connections in rural areas and small towns would have been a better priority if the aim is to get everyone in the country connecting to the internet at fast speeds.

The aim is to have two thirds of homes in the UK able to access this type of service but in my opinion late this year or maybe next year I can see those dates be revised.

You can’t help thinking it gets better and better for some while others know and are resigned to the fact that it could be ten years before they can watch streaming TV without seeing “Buffering”