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Jul 04

Windows 10 For FREE – How to Upgrade

Automatic upgrade

This article is more a reminder that the period to get windows 10 for free is fast approaching and many people have still not taken advantage of the free upgrade. The offer expires on the 29th July 2016 and after this period Windows 10 will now longer be available for free could cost upwards of …

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Aug 06

4 Of The Best Free FTP Software Programs

What is Free FTP software used for? FTP is a protocol more commonly used to transfer data to websites but it can also be used for other reasons such as storing data or online backups. In the case of websites you create the content on your PC and then transfer those files to your web …

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Jul 08

5 Free Virus Scan Online Providers

5 Free Online Virus Scanners Performing a virus scan online is something you may wish to do for many reasons but it is also highly recommended you run anti virus software on your computer at all times and use a online virus scan as a backup.  o You have a computer infected with a virus that …

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Jun 20

10 Sites To Download Free Software And Open Source Software

We all like to get something for free and to download free software and to be honest sometimes free software or open source software can be better than the software you pay a lot of money for (free antivirus vs. subscription antivirus springs to mind). I often spend a little time searching these sites for …

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Jun 16

5 of The Best Free Webinar Software Suites

Webinar software seem to be all the rage at the minute and not only for professionals like teachers and developers they are also now used for social interaction as well as for businesses to promote their products or services. Free webinar software tools allow you to interact with numerous people or show presentations to numerous …

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Apr 19

3 of the best free firewalls

comodo firewall

The Top 3 Free Firewalls There are a number of free firewalls out there and more and more come out of the woodwork on a monthly basis. We take a look at our top 5 best free firewalls in this article and why they make our top 5. Download links are also provided for each …

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Apr 14

10 of the best free fun iPad apps to download

Below is a list of ten of the best free and fun iPad apps I have found. Some of them are just apps to waste away the day or for a bit of amusement for yourself or your children, others are useful. Enjoy and waste a few hours!! Dork Link to App on iTunes Dork …

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Apr 03

Top 3 free alternatives to Microsoft Office

Why choose a free alternative to Microsoft Office? While I think office is great and I do use it at work it is very expensive especially if you want the full professional version (at time of writing over £300) even the most basic home and student version will set you back over £70. The thing …

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Mar 28

Ways to Backup – Online Vs Offline backups

I am someone that does two different kinds of backups and wanted to share my experiences with both backup methods and the pros and cons of both in this article. Hopefully this article will help when deciding how to backup your important data.

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