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Apr 18

What are static IP addresses and how to set a static IP address in windows

What is a static IP address? Every device connected to the internet or a network has an IP address assigned by your internet service provider. Think of it as your computers address but where as your home address is words and numbers like 6 some street a computers address is a collection of numbers. When …

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Apr 16

How we connect to the internet

connecting to the internet

This simple image tries to explain how we connect to the internet. This is not an advanced explanation but hopefully does explain the basics of how we connect using an IP address and the difference between the IP address out service provider gives us and local IP addresses. Click the image to enlarge  

Apr 06

The difference between internet and intranet?

What is an extranet

Intranet, Internet, Extranet I’m confused! The term intranet and internet are often confused because of the similarity in their name but they are significantly different as you will see below and both are designed to perform different but similar tasks. We all use the technology but never really understand it.In this short post we hope …

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