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Jan 18

How to remove FunMoods

Funmoods is a piece of Adware that often gets installed as part of another program and hijacks your browser. While in itself it is nothing more than an annoyance it can leave the door open for other more malicious applications. If you have installed the funmoods program you will notice a few things change. The …

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May 17

5 Tips On How To Stay Safe Online And Avoid Online Identity Theft

how to stay safe online

The amount of people with access to the internet all over the world is huge and constantly increasing and so too are the risks online and it’s important we all know how to stay safe online and avoid online identity theft as identity theft online is become a lot more common. There is unfortunately always …

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May 04

Top 5 Mobile antivirus and security apps for android phones

Android Security Apps In the past, cell phones have by and large been considered the safest form of communication technology in the market, but with the increasing usage of cell phones to access the Internet, phones have been left quite vulnerable and at the mercy of hackers and spammers. It is for these reasons that …

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Apr 25

DNS Changer Virus threatens to kick hundreds of thousands from the web

Hundreds of thousands of users could lose access to the internet simultaneously on July the 9th have you done enough to ensure that you are not one of those infected with the DNSChanger virus The problem is caused by a piece of malware called the DNSchanger virus that was first discovered 5 years ago in …

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Apr 19

3 of the best free firewalls

comodo firewall

The Top 3 Free Firewalls There are a number of free firewalls out there and more and more come out of the woodwork on a monthly basis. We take a look at our top 5 best free firewalls in this article and why they make our top 5. Download links are also provided for each …

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Apr 13

How to hide folders and files and encrypt personal data with free encryption software.

How to hide folders and encrypt them

Why hide folders and files or encrypt data? We all store a tremendous amount of data on out computer nowadays and it is not only businesses and other organisations that need to protect their data it is also the individual. We have everything from personal finance details to private emails and documents that can be …

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Mar 26

Using a VPN for better security plus 1000s more movies on netflix or watch iPlayer outside the uk

Using a VPN The information here means it looks like you are from another country and hides your true IP address. The main benefits of this are security related as all data is encrypted and makes surfing things like Wi-Fi hotspots in city centres or restaurants more secure. It also bypasses internet censorships and blocks …

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Mar 17

Learn how to keep your computer free of Spyware and Malware with free computer protection

What is Spyware/Malware? Spyware collects your personal information without your knowledge. This can be the websites you visit to more serious concerns like passwords and usernames you enter. It can also affect your computers performance as it uses vital resources and a heavy infection can pretty much bring your computer to a standstill. Malware is …

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Mar 12

Top 25 FREE programs you should know about

The top 25 Free Programs There are thousands of pieces of software on the Internet offered for free. Some of them very good and some of them very bad. Here is our toplist of 25 free bits of software you should know about from anti-virus programs to useful utility’s and browsers. Feel free to comment …

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