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Oct 02

IBM Won’t Allow The Use of Siri or Dropbox on iOS Devices

In a statement issued by the CIO at IBM, Jeanette Horan, employees if IBM will not be permitted to use the Siri application or the Dropbox function on their Apple smartphone’s or tablets. According to the officials at IBM these personal assistant services such as Dropbox pose a serious security risk to IBM and firms …

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Oct 01

Smartphones And The Future Of The Banking Industry

Smart phones are increasing in popularity. Hold on, that’s quite an understatement: Recent research by Gartner predicts the total number of smart phone and tablet users across the world to touch the one billion mark by 2015. Obviously, then, the all pervasive nature of smart phones has already thrust significant changes to many industries and …

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Sep 07

Samsung Galaxy S3 Sales Figures

Samsung managed to steal a bit of the thunder from Motorola and Nokia press conferences yesterday by revealing their sales figures for the Samsung Galaxy S III. In a week where Amazon and Apple are also preparing for major launches of new products, Samsung have revealed that they managed to get their foot in the …

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Sep 04

The Convergence of Two Control Types

At the onset of 2012, two trends were foreseen to make huge impacts in laptop development. The first is the continuing popularity of ultrabooks (or ultra-thins if we are to be strict with nomenclature, since “ultra books” supposedly specifically refer to Intel-powered ultra thin only). Certainly, ultra thin have quickly become the laptops-of-choice despite their …

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Aug 28

Dangers of Over Exposure to Social Media

If privacy is really an illusion, it’s one few of us have experienced lately.  The open and transparent use of social networks by people of all ages and stripes has more than doubled since 2007.   The news is filled with amusing and shameful stories of people who’ve lost their spouses, jobs, or reputations due to …

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Aug 24

The Future Of Microsoft Tablets: Is There One?

When tablets come to mind, most think of Apple’s wildly successful iPad. What most have forgotten, or do not realize, is that Microsoft has dabbled in the tablet industry as well. Microsoft enjoyed a successful release of their “Windows For Pen Computing” for the Windows 3.1 platform. Although, once the hype died down, so did …

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Aug 08

London 2012 is the Mobile Olympics

How are we keeping up with what is going on at the Olympics? Google has released an infographic showing how users have kept up with the Olympics. At some points during the opening ceremony more people were searching for Olympics related news and info on mobile phones and tablets than they were on desktops. Although …

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Aug 04

Who Wins The War Between Apple and Samsung?

Judge Judy would be proud of the drama currently engulfing the courtroom where Apple and Samsung’s lawyers have begun sledging it out. Already, previously secret documents have been exposed to the press, jury members have been excluded and the judge has demanded to know who from Samsung’s legal team released documents to the press that …

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Jul 03

What is SSD a Review

What is SSD? SSD stands for Solid State Drive and is an alternative to a standard hard disk drive. Solid state drives are designed very differently from Standard hard drives we are all use and have more in common with a USB stick than a standard HDD. A solid state drive is persistent data storage …

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