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Dec 17

How to Create An Email Signature

We use emails a lot and adding a signature to the end of your emails not only makes it easier for people to contact you but it also means you don’t have to write the same thing at the bottom of every email you send. All the major email programs allow you to add signatures …

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Dec 12

How to View Browsing History of Your Browser

Your web browser stores a history of all the sites that you have visited and there may be times you wish to view browsing history on a particular computer. You could be a concerned parent wanting to check that your son or daughter is not visiting sites that they should not be or maybe you …

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Dec 06

OpenOffice Writer – Change Font Color When Typing

This is a problem I have come across myself even in the latest version of open office. For some reason when you click on the icon to change the font (The large A) the colour of the font does not change. What you do get is a bucket icon on your cursor that disappears when …

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Dec 03

Fixing Windows Update Error in Internet Explorer (0xC80003FA)

This windows update error is something I have seen on numerous occasions and its seems to be pretty random when it does it to be honest. I have had it happen on machines with service pack 2 and 3 on and on both professional and home editions of windows XP. Fixing the error is relatively …

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Nov 22

How to Change Homepage of Your Browser

When you get a new computer or inherit a computer from someone else the homepage may not be set to something useful for you and in some cases it may be set to nothing but a blank page or a page that is totally useless. Fear not it is possible to change the first page …

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Nov 19

How to Remove Metropolitan Police Virus

The metropolitan police virus is a virus that has being has been doing the rounds for a number of years but has recently started showing itself a lot more often. It is something that shows up in the UK more often than not and the lock screen will show any one of a number of …

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Nov 15

How to Uninstall Programs – Cleaning Out Junk Programs

Many of us have our computers for many years and over those years we can accumulate an incredible amount of programs on our computers that we either used once a very very long time ago or we have never used. New computers also often come with a lot of software already bundled in and the …

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Nov 06

How To Copy and Paste and Cut and Paste

Although whats seems simple to more experienced users this is probably the most common question I am asked by computer users especially the older generation who were not raised to use computers. While cutting and pasting documents and files is a simple procedure it can take a little getting used to if it is something …

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Aug 22

PC shutdown Timer For Automatic shutdown in Windows 7

Technology has advanced so fast recently that everything is now connected and many people now have their computers on 24/7. We read books on them watch television on them as well as many other things and have pretty much become the workhorse of the household and it would be nice to get them to automatic …

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