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May 28

Change the default app for files (Windows 10)

How To Change the default app Do you ever get frustrated when you try to open a file and it asks you what you want to open it in every time or worse still it opens it in the wrong program? Well we all do and the main reason is because that particular type of …

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Nov 06

How To Copy and Paste and Cut and Paste

Although whats seems simple to more experienced users this is probably the most common question I am asked by computer users especially the older generation who were not raised to use computers. While cutting and pasting documents and files is a simple procedure it can take a little getting used to if it is something …

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Jun 12

Fathers Day Gift Ideas For Techie Dads

Father’s day is fast approaching and we are all looking for that ideal gift for our dads. Well if your dad is a techie dad and likes his gadgets and toys look no further we have 10 of the best father’s day gift ideas that won’t break the bank. From the useful to the silly …

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Apr 23

BT Infinity 2 super fast broadband for the UK

bt infinity speed boost

BT give free speed boost to infinity customers There is good news for anyone in the UK who is able to get BT infinity as BT have now given the users of the infinity service a huge speed boost. The 7 million households that are able to access BT infinity could now be seeing speeds …

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