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Oct 11

Should You Upgrade or Repair Your Computer?

Technology develops at an incredible pace. Your shiny new desktop PC could be outdated within 6 months time. Those with a computer over the age of 2 years can fully expect it to start spluttering along as you try and do the simplest of things. However, all hope is not lost. New processors and graphics …

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Oct 09

Understanding Computer Cookies

What are computer cookies Cookies are something that every single internet user will have on their computer at some point and no I don’t mean those lovely chocolate biscuits getting dropped on your keyboard. Cookies take the strain away from web servers by storing tiny bits of information on the visitor’s computer. While this is …

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Sep 26

9 Top Rivalries Of The Tech World – Giving Rise To Innovation!

Regardless of the efforts Bill gates is putting to earn a good name in the world of philanthropists, and of Steve Jobs to make Apple a tough competitor, rivalries are always there. On one side, Jobs declared Bill as an unimaginative person without any inventions and using the talent of other people to present innovative …

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Sep 16

What are Bad Sectors and Should You Worry About Them?

Unfortunately bad sectors are the enemy of every computer user in the world. A hard bad sector is a sector on a hard drive that cannot be used due to permanent damage to the surface of the disk. This is not always physical damage (although is often the case) it can be caused by the …

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Aug 30

External and Portable Hard Drive Buying Guide

External hard drives are something that are pretty much a must with all the data we tend to store on our computer and while cloud services are great for backing up that data I personally still like to use an external hard drive to keep a backup of my data. Thats not to say cloud …

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Aug 20

Important Things You Should Know About WI-FI

Popularity of wireless connection is growing day by day and the risk to the users has also increased.  There are numerous features which has increased the popularity of Wi-Fi. But, It is important for the users to secure their devices properly in order to prevent information hacking.   Here are some important things which you need …

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Aug 14

What is WAN LAN MAN and WLAN

If most of us were asked to explain what is WAN or what is WLAN and LAN a large percentage would have no idea what these are even though most of use use one or all of them on a daily basis. All three of these terms are terms used in the networking of computers …

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Aug 12

5 Signs You Have A Broken Laptop Screen

Signs Of A Broken Laptop Screen A broken laptop screen is quite a common sight for computer technicians nowadays with so many people wanting portability and the ease at which a laptop screen can be damaged. They do get a hard time and can be left on for prolonged periods of time and like anything …

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Aug 08

What is The Best And Fastest Internet Browser

The internet is one of the biggest forms of communication used in the world today and choosing the fastest internet browser can make the experience a lot smoother. An internet user has five major web browsers to choose from that can enhance the online experience for a user. Most heavy web users require a browser …

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