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Nov 12

What Processor Do I Have? – Getting System Information

There are a number of ways to find out things like what processor do I have? how much memory do I have and all other kinds of things about your computer. We are going to look at some of those ways and some free tools you can use to get your system information. Some of …

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Sep 10

How To Monitor Mobile Activities Of Your Kids Using a Computer?

The advent of smartphones has enabled mobile phone users to utilize the phone as a computer. Smartphones are within the access of kids and they use it for many beneficial purposes. Their academic, entertainment and gaming needs are satisfied by scouring the internet. While it is possible to have an endless list of advantages offered, …

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Aug 02

Wordlens – Smartphone App Instantly Translates Text Using Camera

WordLens Translates Spanish, Italian And French To English Instantly Using Smartphone Camera A fairly common reason for not travelling abroad is the fear of finding yourself out of your comfort zone with little comprehension of the foreign language. We can’t really blame ourselves for being worried; it’s a daunting prospect and it can be painstaking …

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Jul 31

Convert DOC to PDF Online for Free

There are many sites out there that let you convert word to PDF online and some are better than others and while there are desktop tools out there that allow you to convert your Microsoft office word documents into PDFs there could be many reasons why you need to convert a document to PDF online. …

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Jul 10

Best anti malware software for keeping your computer malware free

We all need anti malware software on our computers as much as we need anti-virus software on our computers. I personally have never put too much trust in anti-virus software that claims to clean malware and spyware too. In my experience this is often not the case and I always recommend you use anti malware …

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Apr 23

Download and upload speed test with broadband speed checker

Whats my broadband speed This broadband speed test will tell you both the download speed and upload speed of your broadband connection. Broadband speeds do vary dependent on time and location of the server. The server below is located in the UK. If you are having trouble with download speeds and want to contact your …

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Apr 23

How to create a zip file in windows 7

What is a zip file? A zip file is an archive file that is very popular because it compresses files and folders into a single file reducing the size of the file and the number of files. This is especially useful when sending files via email. Zip files can also be password protected to protect …

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Apr 19

3 of the best free firewalls

comodo firewall

The Top 3 Free Firewalls There are a number of free firewalls out there and more and more come out of the woodwork on a monthly basis. We take a look at our top 5 best free firewalls in this article and why they make our top 5. Download links are also provided for each …

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Apr 07

The windows snipping tool and how to use it to take screenshots

What is the windows sniping tool The windows snipping tool is used to take a screenshot or a snip of anything on your screen. You can then save it. There are a number of different snips that can be taken using this tool which we will cover. Windows XP does not have the windows snipping …

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