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Apr 03

Top 3 free alternatives to Microsoft Office

Why choose a free alternative to Microsoft Office? While I think office is great and I do use it at work it is very expensive especially if you want the full professional version (at time of writing over £300) even the most basic home and student version will set you back over £70. The thing …

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Mar 26

Using a VPN for better security plus 1000s more movies on netflix or watch iPlayer outside the uk

Using a VPN The information here means it looks like you are from another country and hides your true IP address. The main benefits of this are security related as all data is encrypted and makes surfing things like Wi-Fi hotspots in city centres or restaurants more secure. It also bypasses internet censorships and blocks …

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Mar 19

How to check computer memory (RAM) to see if you have faulty memory using memtest

Slow computer? Blue screens? This tutorial shows you how to check your computer memory to see if it is faulty. Blue screens are often caused by memory errors and it is one of the things I replace most on computers. Memory is like a librarian it distributes the data around so if your librarian (memory) …

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Mar 17

Learn how to keep your computer free of Spyware and Malware with free computer protection

What is Spyware/Malware? Spyware collects your personal information without your knowledge. This can be the websites you visit to more serious concerns like passwords and usernames you enter. It can also affect your computers performance as it uses vital resources and a heavy infection can pretty much bring your computer to a standstill. Malware is …

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Mar 12

Top 25 FREE programs you should know about

The top 25 Free Programs There are thousands of pieces of software on the Internet offered for free. Some of them very good and some of them very bad. Here is our toplist of 25 free bits of software you should know about from anti-virus programs to useful utility’s and browsers. Feel free to comment …

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Mar 08

Did you know you can get good FREE anti virus software?

The article has moved to the following location Best free antivirus programs

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