May 28

Change the default app for files (Windows 10)

How To Change the default app

Do you ever get frustrated when you try to open a file and it asks you what you want to open it in every time or worse still it opens it in the wrong program? Well we all do and the main reason is because that particular type of file is not associated to a program or it has a different default app setup.

In windows 10 you can easily change the default program that opens a particular file. For example by default Microsoft edge is the default application for opening a PDF or Mail is the default application for opening anything related to email.

All of these can be changed via the default app setting in windows 10 which allows you to change the default for EVERY file type. This was also true in previous versions of windows.

How to get to the default app settings

To get to the default App setting click the start button in the bottom left corner and select settings and on the settings screen select system as shown in the screenshots below

Windows start settingsDefault app settings

In the Systems page scroll to the bottom on the left sidebar and select Default Apps. You will then see a number of options on the right hand side. These are the most commonly used applications for things like photos, Videos, Mail etc. To change the defaults for other extensions scroll to the bottom and select choose default apps by typeDefault app setting

You will now see a long list (which may take a minute to load of all the different file types you can change. Some of them will have a default and some will not.

In my example below files of the type .WMV (a common movie type) are currently opening in Windows Media Player so every time I double click a file that is a WMV file it is going to open in Media player rather than VLC media player which I much prefer. Changing the default is very simple. Click the application that is already set as default (or Choose a default if no default is set) and select the program you now wish that file type to be associated with
Default app settings windows 10