Jul 14

Common Computer Terminology (App to Cut)

Common computer terms and jargon

This is the first a number of posts that I will do over the next few weeks that will look at some of the common computer terminology and jargon that is used on a daily basis. We have tried to steer away from the more complex terms to give you just a breakdown of the more common computer terms you will have heard of.

Each computer term comes with its meaning to help you better understand the computer jargon that is used today. Hopefully after reading this article if someone tells you to bookmark a webpage or tells you to go to your control panel you will know exactly what and where it is.

It will be spread over multiple posts simply to make it easier to read as I want to try to be as clear in my explanations as I can be and that could mean a lot of text.

We hope you find this article useful and be sure to look out for the other parts. So let’s get you started with A-C of basic computer terms


App is basically jargon for application or software application. The word app seems to have gained popularity over the last few years and is usually used to refer to a program running on a smart phone or tablet. For example a game on your mobile phone is an app. The software you use to browse the internet on your iPad is an app (Safari). Most things that run on a mobile device and allow you to do something are considered apps.

Address Bar

The address bar is the bit at the top of your web browser that allows you to type addresses in. In nearly all browsers this is found at the top of the page.


Apple generally refers to the company who give us the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. They are a huge multinational corporation and probably the biggest and one of the most recognised companies in the world.


Antivirus refers to a software application that is installed on a computer or device with the aim of preventing malicious code from running. There are many different antivirus products on the market and an antivirus program is a must for any computer that is connected to the internet. There are free antivirus programs available.


Adware is software downloaded to a computer that shows advertisements. Although these sound harmless they can be very intrusive or misleading especially when they appear as pop-up windows when you first start you computer claiming you have problems. Adware is something that usually gets installed along with some other program. Fortunately there are ways to remove adware such as programs like NoAdaware or Malwarebytes.


ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and it is a communications technology that enables the fast transfer of data over copper telephone lines. ADSL is what allows you to access the internet as your router has an ADSL modem installed inside it. ADSL is currently the most popular form of connection to the internet along with the latest version ADSL 2+ which supports faster transfer.


In computer terms whereas app usually refers to a software application installed on a mobile or tablet device, application usually refers to a software program installed on a desktop or laptop computer. An application is any piece of software that runs on your computer. For example Microsoft word is and application, your antivirus software is an application and so is you email program like outlook or Thunderbird.