Jul 31

Convert DOC to PDF Online for Free

There are many sites out there that let you convert word to PDF online and some are better than others and while there are desktop tools out there that allow you to convert your Microsoft office word documents into PDFs there could be many reasons why you need to convert a document to PDF online.

The sites listed below will allow you to easily convert doc to PDF online free (as well as some other document formats) by just providing the document and in most cases your email address so the converted document can be emailed to you.

Note: There are also some sites that will convert your doc to PDF on demand without the need for your email address but these do take a little longer in my experience. The ones that require your email address need to email the converted document to you so be sure you provide a valid email address.

The benefits of converting your documents to PDF are that most devices including mobile devices and tablets can read PDF documents and most PC’s come with software like adobe reader already pre-installed on the computer which allows you to easily read a PDF.

So lets look at 6 websites that allow you to convert word to PDF online for free without the need to download any software to your computer.


We start with Zamzar because in my opinion the site is excellent. Not only does it allow you to easily convert doc to PDF online free it also allows you to convert a whole host of other formats including urls and images.

The maximum size is also considerably more than you find at other sites sitting at 100MB per file. The site requires your email address to send your conversion to you when complete.

One of the great things about Zamzar is they also offer a premium service which comes with a host of benefits such as online storage and increased file size which is ideal for those that do a lot of converting

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convert doc to pdfPDF Online

PDF online is another excellent website to easily convert word to PDF online for free. Again the results of the conversion are emailed to you so your email address is required. There are not as many options as the first site we listed but it is still an excellent site to convert doc to PDF and is definitely worth trying out.

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Neevia Document Converter

Neevia document converter is another excellent converter I have used in the past that not only allows you to convert word to PDF online it allows you to convert a variety of other documents. It not only allows you to convert to PDF but also a range of other formats such as JPG PNG BMP and more. Unlike others you don’t have to enter your email address and you can wait in your browser for it to perform the free conversion.

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Convert Online Free

This is yet another free service the does instant conversions of word to PDF along with other formats. It does not require your email address as it is done on demand and then presented for download. Before you convert your word document you do also have the option to preview the conversion to see if the results are what you expected.

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Online Convert

Online convert again allows you to easily convert a Microsoft word doc to PDF online and for free. It also has options in the left sidebar to convert other documents to other formats which can be extremely useful. For example you can convert to docx or doc as many people still can’t read docx.

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Word To PDF (from Nitro PDF)

Our final site from the makers of the popular Nitro PDF is yet another very highly rated site that allows you convert documents to PDF online for free. Your email address is required to have the converted PDF sent to you.

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So there you have it 6 sites that allow you to convert doc to PDF online along with the ability to convert other documents too. If you have found a good site for converting documents for free and we have missed it be sure to let us and other readers know by leaving a comment below.