Jun 07

Dynamic Companies Need Mobile CRM Applications

A traveling customer representative or business executive has always been an effective tool for small businesses and corporations alike. With the emergence of groundbreaking technology it is vital that such reps stay connected to the big data within the business through mobile devices. Customer relationship management can now be easily managed through CRM mobile solutions using software for smart phones like the Androids or business tablets like the iPad.

Android CRM Applications

Android CRM are becoming more and more popular as people find ways to conduct all kinds of business from the palm of their hand. In the competitiveness of the modern marketplace, it can be the team with the best tools that makes the sales. Long gone are the days where on-site personnel have to call the office to gather the required information. More and more businesses find this inefficient as it takes up the time of an extra staff member. Although there’s mobility with the use of laptops, those are also quickly becoming more like “mobile desktops”, and many aspects of them are being replaces with smart phones and tablets. The convenience of smart phone programs, like a CRM application for example, put the power of true mobility and synchronization in the power of the right people. Customer information, buying patterns, leads, and more can all be accessed through your hand held device. It is for these reasons and more that dynamic companies need mobile CRM applications.

Mobile crm applicationsThe choice is either remain stagnant in the marketplace or make the investment in the proper infrastructure. Luckily, such systems are usually not very expensive and very easy to implement.

Tablet CRM Applications and growth

Tablets will continue to grow in use as companies find more and more ways to integrate their uses with their currently used technology. That’s without mentioning the fact that many industries just prefer to look of having their employees operate on tablets and impress their client, sounds shallow but it’s true. It is also a great time saver which eventually reduces the amount of billed hours for the employer. An iPad CRM app is the perfect solution to hold that valuable customer data, and have it easily accessible from virtually anywhere. iPads are fairly secure and can be made more so through the implementation of a variety of security measures. They can also be tracked and recovered if lost or stolen (or at least disabled). The implementation of a mobile CRM solution should be a priority for dynamic, on the go companies out there. Don’t let your company fall behind because of fear of change, many of these app providers will let you try out the technology for free prior to making an investment, so get out there and upgrade! If not now, when?

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About the author: Scott is an iPhone & Android app junkie. He enjoys writing about mobile CRM solutions. For more information please visit doubledutch.me


  1. Julia @ microsoft dynamics crm

    With more companies, and more workforces going mobile there will be a stronger need for businesses to use CRM software that allows the sharing of real time data.

    CRM allows employees to access current business data that helps them to make informed decisions when speaking to clients. It’ll also provided a more united customer service front to clients helping them to trust your company and brand.

  2. Sam @ Hedge Fund CRM Software

    An interesting article Craig. Mobile technology is an issue that we’re trying to tackle in the hedge fund CRM industry. How to do you allow your employees to embrace mobile technology when you are trying to protect sensitive financial and client data?

    1. A very good point Sam. I guess whenever we increase the amount of technology we use we also increase the risk to the data

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