Jun 07

Firefox 13.0 Stop History Showing On New Tab


This post is following on from our post how to make the new tab in Firefox go to a useful page. Firefox 13.0 has now been released and their seems to many upset people around the internet that your history is now shown when you open a new tab.

If you don’t want to change the new tab homepage to something more useful than you can disable this new feature which will then make your pages return to the about blank page. To do this follow the instructions below. Click image to move to next.

Open Firefox and in the address bar type about:config you will get a warning message as below. Click I will be careful.firefox tab new page

The next screen presents you with multiple options related to your browser

Note: Do not change any settings if you do not know what they do it could cause your browser to become unstable.

Scroll down the page until you find browser.newtabpage.enabled. Right click on this option and select toggle so that it changes the setting to false.

Firefox new tab removeIf you now open a new tab you should see the old blank page as you got before. It is worth noting again that you don’t have to have a blank page you can set the new tab homepage to be anything you want by changing the newtab.url.


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  1. Ronak

    Thnx for that. Even i had that problem with the new tab on fire fox. Now i think I can sort it out.
    Ronak recently posted..More Troubles for Chidambaram!!!!!My Profile

    1. Anytime. Seems to have been annoying a lot of people glad it helped Ronak

  2. Martin

    Thanks for that – glad to be able to diable this feature and have google back as my new tab home page – saves a lot of clicking and that awful grid of previously visited sites

    1. Your welcome Martin

  3. michael

    I also noticed, at least in 13, that at the far upper right was a square that said something like turn off new tab history… or something like that. Just a quick tip to do the same thing as above.

    1. I have not seen that cheers for the tip Michael

  4. Jack Masth

    Thank you very much, the most recent firefox update set that to TRUE when I hate that showing up and I couldn’t find any setting to turn it off in the user-settings (many functions don’t show in there at all), not only that it reset the privacy preferences, had about 20 minutes trying to tell GOOGLE that I want the page to display as google.com NOT google.es, all this because firefox kept telling google that I am from Spain.

  5. Palidor

    Thanks so much! It was driving me crazy and I search several times in the options trying to disable it. I’m rather annoyed that Mozilla didn’t include a user setting to allow control of this feature!

    1. Your Welcome glad it helped

  6. ken

    you rock. thanks for patching this very annoying “feature”

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