Apr 13

Googles Augmented Reality glasses the next big thing?

Googles augmented reality glasses could have us all looking like we are on star trek soon!

Over the past few years there have been murmurings of augmented reality glasses and research and growing excitement into this technology. Well it seems they may well be a step closer now that Google has released its prototype simply named project Glass and aims to have a working saleable product in the near future.

The device fits around the forehead and has a small screen on the top right side which transmits data directly to the user. Although nothing is confirmed it appears that android will power the devices. The devices are also likely to have 3G or 4G capability and possibly Wi-Fi connectivity.

A video released by Google showed a user doing a variety of thing while wearing the glasses including pictures, checking the weather, getting directions, placing a video call, all controlled using voice activated icons.

You can see the video below

google augmented reality glasses announcedThe project or more the promotional video does have its critics and some sight that the promo video cannot surely be accurate due to the small screen on the actual glasses.

While true the project and the promotional video do seem exciting you can’t help thinking there are enough people walking around looking at mobile phones bumping into people or not watching where they are going imagine if they had something directly in front of them how clumsy they will be. The other thing is you are always going to get some idiot wearing them while driving and that is literally an accident waiting to happen. Also what about those people that already wear glasses?

I am sure these are all questions that will be answered over the coming months. At the minute we all just have to sit and wait for the final product but it has generated a lot of excitement even if it does turn out to be just good PR.

As for cost well that is not something that Google has released but some are speculating you could be looking at around £250-£350 but that is very little for those who must have the latest gadgets. Goggles augmented reality glasses are expected to go on sale later this year or possibly early next year.

So if you want to look like the terminator or a spy from mission impossible you don’t have long to wait.