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Over the past 2 weeks we have begun receiving 100s of spam comments because our site has comment luv and Do follow. Since then all comments are being run through spam software (akismet) and EVERY comment that passes the spam filter will be moderated individually. There are a few things to do to get your comment approved.

  • Use your name (real name).
  • Make sure your comment is relevant to the post and not full of self promotion.
  • Do not spam your comment with links.
  • Please dont put links to your site in the comment I will just delete the comment. Links that are relevant are fine.
  • We welcome criticism but not abuse.

Guest Blogging

We are currently looking for guest bloggers and would love to show your unique quality articles on our blog. Please read before submitting.

  • Each article can have 1 self promoting link. The link must be in the author bio.
  • The articles must be written to a good standard both in terms of grammar and English.
  • Please include the author bio with your article (No more than 2 sentences)
  • The article must be unique and not posted elsewhere.
  • The article must be relevant to our blog. This means technology related. We are not interested in articles on growing your own vegetables or the latest fashion designs unfortunately.
  • All articles must be sent to in word format and will usually be approved and posted within 48 hours. We will email you when the post is live and send you a link.


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