Jun 29

How to Backup/Recover Product Keys with Product Key Finder Software

Most of us have been in the situation where something very bad has happened to our computers and we have lost office or windows and more importantly the product keys associated with those programs and this is where product key finder software comes in really useful. The most common reason for using product key finder software  is the hard drive of the computer or laptop crashing or needing to be replaced. When this happens you are losing all the software that is installed on your computer and starting afresh so need the product keys to reinstall software.

The good news is if you can still boot the computer or can access the drive via an external hub all is not lost, you can recover most of the important product keys from your system using  product key finder software.

Most tools in this article are free  and are ones I use myself and can recover keys for programs like office and windows. If you want to recover more than just Microsoft product keys it is worth looking at our first piece of software in the list (Recover Keys) although it is not free it is still very cheap for the number of keys it can recover and the money it can save you in the long run not having to purchase software all over again.

product key finder software

Why would I need product key finder software?

There are many reasons for needing to use product key finder tools and it may not just be that your system is faulty. For example

  • Software was pre-installed and you wish to reinstall the system but don’t have the keys
  • Packaging with product keys lost or damaged
  • On laptops it is common that COA stickers are on the bottom and can be worn away
  • Damaged stickers no longer readable
  • You may just want to back up all your product keys as a precaution

The point is no one wants to pay again for software they have already paid for! Lets look at our 4 product key finder tools.

Recover Keys – $24.95 1 Licence

While the other product key recovery tools on this list are free and excellent if you are looking to recover more than just the basic keys for Microsoft products then you should really take a look at Recover Keys. Although not free it is more than worth the $24.95 simply because of the number of product keys it can recover. Recover Keys is able to recover the product keys of over 3500 pieces of software including products like Acronis, Adobe, Corel, Microsoft, Macromedia, hundreds of games and many other well-known pieces of software and is really worth looking at if you want to recover as many product keys as possible from your computer or want to back up your product keys.


  • Recover activation keys from 3628 installed software programs, including such popular products as Windows, Office and Adobe Photoshop.
  • As additional feature retrieve registration info, such as Username, Company, Product Id, Auth. Key. If available
  • Export recovered data to Text file, HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, XML or tab separated files.
  • Can recover product keys from another hard-drive (bootable or non-bootable).
  • Scan remote network computer without installing anything on remote PC.
  • Scan all network computers. You can enter IP range, list of IPs or just list of computer names (useful for those who’re using DHCP server).
  • Change product keys without reinstalling software. With the exception of Microsoft products – these product keys can be only recovered.
  • Some product keys are located not in registry, but somewhere in files on HDD. Recover Keys will also search for product keys on your HDD.
  • Command-line version and USB version are available.
  • Auto-updater will always check for fresh database of supported software programs.
  • Working on Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 and available in 12 languages.

If you look at the cost of buying some of the software again if you don’t have the product keys you can see how cheap recover keys really is! Download  Recover Keys Now.

ProduKey – Free

By far my favourite is ProduKey simply because of the amount of product keys it has recovered for me over the years. The recovery software can recover product keys from most Microsoft products and a few others.
The advantage of this program is its ability to get both the product keys for the system it is running on or product keys on an external drive,

For example if your system will not boot but you can stick the drive in an external caddy and access the files then you can use this program to read the windows directory on the external drive where the product keys are stored. You can then send them to a text file and save them.

Magic Jelly Bean – Free

This free product recovery program is probably the most popular product key finder out there. It is easy to use and finds most Microsoft product keys including windows 7.

Belarc Advisor – Free

Although in my experience not capable of finding as many as some other programs this program still does a good job of providing you with the major product keys. It also has the added benefit of giving you the serial numbers and system information.

There you have it 4 pieces of software that can help you recover the product keys of the more common Microsoft programs like office and windows operating systems (and other software if you use Recover Keys)