Mar 23

How to change wallpaper/background on windows 7


Change Windows Wallpaper

How do I change my windows 7 wallpaper is something that I get asked a lot and although relatively simple to do it only becomes simple after you know how to do it like many things.This tutorial shows you how to change the wallpaper in Windows 7 and it is the same process for Windows Vista.

You can choose to have any image as you desktop background be it one of the default images or a picture you have taken yourself of family members or holidays.

So lets look at how we can change the background in windows 7 in this very simple and short tutorial.

Note: images can be clicked for a larger view

1. First go to your start/windows button at the bottom left of your screen and then select control panel.

2. Once in control panel under “Appearance and personalization” click on change desktop background

3. Once on the next screen you are presented with a number of default images for your desktop background that you can scroll through. You will notice ticks in all the images. This means they are all selected and your desktop will be a slide show (it will show 1 image for 10 seconds ten move to the next. If you want to display a personal picture or a slide show of personal pictures you can press the drop down list at the top or press the browse button to find the folder that contains your pictures.

4.On the next image you can see I have selected my picture library and one of the folders in there has images of different computer parts. You can see again that they are all selected and will rotate every 10 seconds. I don’t want this I prefer just a single image that is static. So I select clear all which removes all the ticks from the images and them I am just going to tick the penguin one. Then finally I am going to press save changes.

5.Finally my Windows 7 Desktop looks like so: