Mar 19

How to check computer memory (RAM) to see if you have faulty memory using memtest

Slow computer? Blue screens? This tutorial shows you how to check your computer memory to see if it is faulty.

Blue screens are often caused by memory errors and it is one of the things I replace most on computers. Memory is like a librarian it distributes the data around so if your librarian (memory) gets sick then you star to have a problem.

The best way to check your memory for errors is using a small free program called memtest. Memtest is a diagnostics program that is designed to stress test your memory for errors. This program works with pretty much any computer but does require you to burn the program to disk yourself.

You can download the program from http://www.memtest.org/ (scroll down the page to download and choose Download – Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO(.zip) See the image below.

Check for faulty memory 1

You then need to extract the zip file. Right click the downloaded file and select extract all and then press extract.

Check for faulty memory 2

Once extracted you will see a new window with the extracted files. Make sure you have a blank CD in your writer drive then right click the file and select open with and select “Windows disc image burner” (or you own burning program)

Check for faulty memory 3

On the new screen (if using windows image burner) simply press the burn button.

Check for faulty memory 4

Now boot from the CD to run the memory diagnostics tool. The tool will start automatically and will take time to run. If the disc does not boot ensure that your CD/DVD drive is set to be the first boot device. Some computers allow you to select the boot device by pressing and F key on boot. This will generally be displayed on screen (usually F11 or F12)

When the scan is running you will have the following screen the will show you errors (red arrow) and the number of passes (black arrow). You preferably want it to do at least 2 passes and any kind of error means you need to replace the RAM stick.

Check for faulty memory 5