Apr 23

How to create a zip file in windows 7

What is a zip file?

A zip file is an archive file that is very popular because it compresses files and folders into a single file reducing the size of the file and the number of files. This is especially useful when sending files via email.

Zip files can also be password protected to protect sensitive data. There are a number of differnet zip programs you can use to access advanced features like password protection and encryption such as WinRAR and 7-Zip but we are going to concentrate on making a zip file using software that comes pre-installed on Windows 7.

You can create a zip file in windows 7 by using the  built-in facility that can be found by going to send to.

How to create a zip fileHow to create a Zip file

Creating a zip file is a pretty straight forward process. For the purpose of this guide we have created 5 test files that we will zip into a single file.

First of all find the files or folders you would like to zip. I our case we have a folder called test zip and we are going to create a zip file using these 5 test files. We go to organise and select all as we want all the files to be zipped up.

create zip file 1

Select all the files by going to organise and then select all.

Create a zip file in windows 7

Once all are selected right click on any one and then select send to and then compressed (zipped) folder on the second menu that comes up.

How to create a zip file

This will create a zip file that will contain all the selected files. All you now have to do is give the zip file a name. We have called ours Test zip file. You can then attach this file to an email or store it. If you check the size of the compressed file you will see it is smaller than the combined size of the files you zipped up.