Dec 17

How to Create An Email Signature

We use emails a lot and adding a signature to the end of your emails not only makes it easier for people to contact you but it also means you don’t have to write the same thing at the bottom of every email you send.

All the major email programs allow you to add signatures to the end of your emails. You can either add a very basic text signature or alternatively you can add an image to give you that professional look.

You can also add hyperlinks in your signatures which will easily direct people to your website or another location you wish your recipients to visit.

This tutorial will look at the image and text methods for Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows live mail.

Create a signature in Outlook

1. Open outlook

2. On the top menu bar select tools and then select options

3. In the options box select mail format and then click signatures (see image below)

Outlook signature 1

4. Once in signatures select the new button and give your new signature a name.

outlook signature 2

5. You can then create your signature in the edit signature box. The great thing about outlook is that it has a full signature editor which allows you to fully customise your signature easily including adding images and links, font formatting and alignment.

6. Once you have done select the account that this is the default signature on the right hand side (highlighted blue) and then click ok.

Create a signature in Thunderbird

1. Open Thunderbird

2. On the top toolbar select tools and then select the account setting option. A new window will open.

3. Select the account you want to create a signature for if you have multiple accounts. On the right hand side you will see the section to add a custom signature (see image below). In the box you can create your signature using HTML tags (tick the box that says use HTML). In the sample signature in the image this will add Test name in bold followed by 2 more new lines with the address and a 4th line that contains a link to my website.

Thunderbird email signature

Image Signature in Thunderbird

You can also use an image as your signature. The image can be any image but preferably you want it to be business card size and have all your contact details on it. To add an image as your signature tick the box that says “attach a signature from a file instead”

Once you have ticked the box the choose button becomes visible. Click and then select the image you would like to use as your signature. Remember not to choose an image that is too large, the image should be about business card size for the best look.

Create a signature in Windows Live Mail

1. Open windows live mail and click the menu item in the top left corner. Then select options and mail (see below image)

Windows live mail email signature

2. Once in the options section select the signature tab.

3. Under signatures click the new button (it is likely to be the only button enabled)

4. One you have click the new button a new signature is added to the signatures box. You can rename this signature to something more useful if you wish by clicking the rename button.

5. Ensure text is selected in the edit signature box and write the content of your signature.

6. In signature settings at the top of your page make sure the top option is selected so that your signature is added to the end of every message.

live mail signature

7. If you wish to use an image instead of text as your windows live mail signature select the File option instead of the text option in the edit signature box.