Jul 12

How To Delete History on iPad – Chrome and Safari

Like all devices the iPad stores a history of the sites you visit and the searches you do which can cause privacy issues and security concerns for some.

For the sake of security and general housekeeping of your iPad it is worth clearing the history of your iPad on occasion.Not only does it protect your privacy it can clean up some free space on your iPad if you use it regularly for surfing the internet.

This tutorial shows you how to delete the history of Safari and Google chrome as this is now a popular browser for the iPad.

It is important to note that when you delete history on the iPad (Safari) you will lose any saved logins and passwords. Be sure you know these before wiping the data. In google chrome you are given the option on what type of data you wish to wipe.

Delete History On iPad – Safari

To delete history on your iPad for Safari first go to your settings page.

Settings Page

Once you are in the settings page select Safari on the left hand side to get the Safari options on the right. Just below privacy you will see 2 options Clear History Clear Cookies and Data. These two options do exactly as they say.

Tap the safari setting to bring up the safari options and settings

After selecting each one you will get warning messages that say you may be deleting login information. If you are sure you want to go ahead click Clear to wipe the data from your iPad.

Clear History

Make sure to clear both options if you want to be sure your history, cookies and search history is deleted. That is all there is to it you have now deleted the history and cookies of Safari from your iPad.

Delete History On iPad – Chrome

If you have google chrome installed the above will not clear your chrome data. To clear google chrome data follow the instructions below.

Open a new google chrome browser window and open the setting box (below image)

In the Settings box select Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Chrome Data 2

On the next screen select clear all to delete all your history in Google chrome on your iPad.

Chrome history dlete Ipad