Jun 25

How To Fix Missing DLL File Errors In Windows 7

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Missing dll errors are a common error in windows and one that can sometimes be fixed without the need for an expensive repair. DLL files contain code that can be used by multiple programs to perform an action. If these files are missing then the program cannot function correctly.

If the file is missing or damaged sometimes the easiest and most effective way to repair it  is to simply replace it and this can easily be done with a couple of lines of code via the command prompt in windows repair mode.

You may wish to try easier options such as a system restore before trying this method but if all else fails this method usually works for replacing corrupted or missing dll files.

Windows Repair Mode

In most installs of Windows 7 there is a “repair my computer” option in the boot options. You can access this section usually by booting into the advanced boot mode where you also find safe mode. When your computer is booting press F8 and you will be presented with the advanced boot options.

If your machine has this functionality built in then you will see a “Repair Your Computer” at the top of the list as in the image below.

Note: If you don’t have a Repair Your Computer option you can use the original DVD for your operating system and then select the repair my computer option when it comes to install options

Advanced boot options repair dll

Once the windows files have loaded you will be presented with system recovery options. Select your country in keyboard options. You will then be required to login. Make sure the account you login to is an administrator account (Most people’s accounts are administrator accounts by default)

System recovery options

The next screen you will see will be the system recovery console that can be used to fix a variety of problems and also restore the system to a previous date and time. You can also try start-up repair and system restore to resolve the problem but the only part we are looking at in detail on this occasion is the command prompt option.

Press the command prompt option (usually the bottom option). Once the command prompt is open you will be able to enter the 3 lines of code to replace the corrupt or missing DLL file.

In our example we are replacing the missing dll file crypt32.dll as this is one I recently had to repair in my full time job as a computer repair tech.

Type the following code into the command prompt after each line press enter


dir crypt32.dll

copy crypt32.dll d:\windows\system32

You may get a message asking if you want to overwrite the dll file you currently have. Press y and then press enter. You should see a 1 file copied message as in the screenshot below

Fix Missing dll files

Although this example shows how to replace the crypt32.dll this can be done for other corrupt of missing dll files that may be causing problems just replace the name crypt32.dll with the missing file (If the file is in the system32 directory).


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  1. Tez

    Nice article, worth bookmarking, because you never know when you could boot up your machine and find you have a corrupt dll.
    One point to mention, is if your CD or DVD drive is not labeled d: you will need to change the the drive letter to whatever it is labeled to in the following command:. d:\windows\system32

    1. Thanks Tez. And yes you are right about the DVD drive a very good point for anyone reading this

  2. Steve

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Worked great for me. All the others attempts failed until I found this.
    That CRYPT32.dll error message was driving me crazy. I did nothing to get it but now it’s fixed with a few
    simple basic comands for the old fashion comand prompt!!!

    1. No problem Steve glad it helped I know how frustrating it was for me the first time I got the error

  3. arpan

    Excellent Dear Thanks so much. it works without DVD. Keep going Tez

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