May 16

How To Get More RAM With A Computer Or Laptop Memory Upgrade

Can you tell me how to get more RAM for my computer?

This is something I am asked pretty much on a daily basis and people dont realise how easy it is to buy and replace the memory in their desktop or laptop computer.

Memory (RAM) is one of the best upgrades you can do on your desktop or laptop especially as the cost of most memory upgrades is pretty low for the significant speed boost it can give you. I have seen people think there machine is like new by just doubling memory on an older computer from 512 to 1GB.

If you have an older computer a memory upgrade can bring a bit of life back to your old computer that you were ready to throw out. It’s not just desktops that can be upgraded and although laptops are not usually very upgradeable a laptop memory upgrade is something that can be done very easily and cheaply.

Although we are looking at PC`s and laptops you can also upgrade the memory in your MAC with Crucial memory for Macs

Computer memory upgrade

What are the benefits

Increasing the memory of your computer will not only help if you like to play games or photo edit as some people believe but it will help in many other ways:

  • Allow you to multitask without freezing or slowing down
  • Allow certain programs to run (some programs require a minimum amount of RAM)
  • Allow certain games to run (some require a minimum amount of RAM)
  • Speeds up boot times and program load times
  • Speed up web browsing

These are just a few of the many benefits of performing a computer memory upgrade. The memory is a bit like a librarian, the less memory the slower it is and the longer it takes to find files and transfer them around the components in the computer that need them.

Real SSD drives What memory do I need and where can I buy it

There are many places you can buy memory like Amazon or your local electronic store but you need to know what type of memory you need.

Memory comes in a variety of types and different speeds. You cant just put any old memory in your machine the memory has to be compatible with the main board of your computer

There are a number of ways you can do this but there is an easy way to get it all done in one go.

The easy way

Over at Crucial.com/ukthey have a system scanner tool that will give you all the information you need.

Go to Crucial.com/ukand select the system scanner tab (or wait for it to scroll into view) Then press scan my computer. Download and run the scanner. Once the scanner has finished running it will give you an array of information including

  • The amount of memory you have and the amout your computer can support
  • The type of memory it can support and the cost of the memory

For example when I run the tool It tells me I have 8GB but can support up to 32GB if I want to double my memory by adding another 8GB it would cost me $54.99.

Is is difficult to upgrade and replace my memory

Now that we have shown you how to get more RAM you will need to fit it. Upgrading memory is very easy to do in both a desktop and a laptop. See the 2 video links below.

Replacing desktop memory

Replacing laptop memory

Most memory you buy will also come with instructions on how to install the memory. Although it sounds like a difficult task it is relatively easy and you should be able to install the memory in a laptop memory upgrade or desktop upgrade without too many issues.