May 29

How To Install K9 Web Protection To Protect Your Children

What is web filtering software?

Internet content filter software  is something that can help to protect your children by adding parental controls to their internet browsing so that your children don’t see unwanted content on the internet.

Many parents don’t use this for fear of it been expensive or difficult to use but in an age where even children as young as 3 or 4 are able to use a computer some kind of monitoring is needed.

Which web filtering software should I use and how much is it?

The one product I have always recommended to people with children and the one this article concentrates on is K9 Web Protection. I use K9 web protection myself and have installed it on a number of friends machines in the past. I personally believe that is one of the easier to use Internet content filters once you get the hang of it. It is very customisable for your needs and best of all it is a FREE web filter so there are no charges for using it.

K9 Web protection comes with a wide variety of features such as:

  • Blocks over 70 different categories which you can choose
  • Forces safe searches on search engines
  • Set time restrictions for kids (I.e. no internet after 9pm if a computer is in their room)
  • You can override the internet content filter on pages via a password
  • Add and remove sites from the filter easily
  • Password protected Admin page for easy customisation
  • Can be used on both PC and Mac
  • It is also available as a safe browser for your iPhone or iPad

k9 web protectionHow to get K9 Web protection for PC and Mac

The only thing K9 Web Protection asks you to do is register the software. You MUST use a real email address as your licence key is sent to you via this email address and if you forget the login at any point in the future you will need access to this email address.

Installation is relativly quick and the download is also quite small. You will see that bluecoat offer a couple of different types of protection (business and the free one) We are looking at the free one for children.

  1. First you need to get your licence key. Go to the K9 Web Protection Website and in the navigation bar select Get K9 Now or select the button that says Free Download on the homepage.
  2. Select get k9 free for your home and enter your first and last name and your email address in the boxes provided. Then press Request license.
  3. While you are waiting for the licence we can download the software. On the left hand side of the screen you will see a number of options select Download Software. Choose which file to download (Mac or Pc) and save the file to your computer.
  4. Once downloaded double-click the downloaded file to start the setup program. This will walk you through the steps to install the Internet content filter software on your computer. After accepting the licence you will be presented with the following screen.Internet content filtering
  5. You should have now received a licence key in your email. Enter this in the top box (The key we have entered is random yours will start with K9*******. You also need to enter the admin password. Be sure you remember this password or write it down somewhere your children can’t get to as you need it to alter any settings, uninstall the program and bypass it. Make sure the password is secure and not easy for them to guess. See our tutorial How to create a password.
  6. Once you press install the program will install the software. You Must restart the computer for the internet content filter to work properly so reboot when it asks you to.
  7. Once the computer has rebooted the K9 protection will be active. To check that the software is running open a browser page and in the navigation put www.porn.com. The default settings of the software should block this site and you should get the following page which shows the internet content filter is working as it should.Free K9 web protection
  8. Finally you should now have a settings page that allows you to modify things within the internet content filter. To access this in windows go to your start/windows button and select All programs. Scroll down until you see a folder named bluecoat. Click to open and then select K9 Web protection admin. This will open a new browser window. From here you can view internet history and modify the sites blocked, set restrictions and numerous other options. If you click any of these icons to access the setup or view activity the internet content filter will ask you for a password. This is the password you setup when installing the software.

    And that’s it you now have the internet content filter K9 web protection running on your computer. Keep a lookout for our tutorials on individual features of K9 web protection over the coming weeks. We will also add links to them in this post.