Sep 10

How To Monitor Mobile Activities Of Your Kids Using a Computer?

The advent of smartphones has enabled mobile phone users to utilize the phone as a computer. Smartphones are within the access of kids and they use it for many beneficial purposes. Their academic, entertainment and gaming needs are satisfied by scouring the internet. While it is possible to have an endless list of advantages offered, there is a small accompanying list of drawbacks too. To counter the harms that kids may be exposed to, it is essential to install mobile monitoring apps on their phones. The advantage of these apps is that they function very discretely, not letting the kids know that they are being monitored.

Many such applications are available in the market like Mobile Spy, Mobistealth, Steathgenie, Cellspy and Flexispy. These apps have features that help you to track your kid’s activities. Most of these apps have parental control software and computer monitoring software which enables parents to monitor the activities both through a mobile as well as on a computer.

It is easy to install any of the spyware applications. The installation procedure is just like you install any other application.

  • Get hold of your kid’s mobile
  • Download the application from the website of the app provider
  • Install the application following the instructions specified
  • Restart the mobile to complete the installation

cellphone spy softwareOnce installed the app software starts uploading details of the phone’s activities to your online user account. This account can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. The only prerequisite is a computer and an active internet connection.

Track all emails: With the help of the monitoring software, the parent can view the details of all incoming and outgoing e-mails. You can take corrective action if email content is derogatory in nature or mails are exchanged for some nefarious activities

Keep a track of websites accessed: With the help of keystroke logger, it is possible to record every keystroke made through the keyboard. Children usually delete in case they want to conceal from parents. However with the installation of the monitoring app, all details with respect to the sites browsed are immediately uploaded to the user account in real time. This will enable you to take corrective action like blocking certain applications or lay restrictions on the time and usage of the internet.

Control on chat windows and social media sites: Facebook and Twitter are very popular with kids. They use these avenues not realizing the harms associated with accessing such social networking sites. This is the area they establish contacts with strangers and unknowingly divulge their personal information, which make them vulnerable to cyber abuse. By monitoring their conversations on various chat platforms, parents can take remedial action by nabbing the criminals and protect their kids from any form of abuse.

There are also many monitoring apps that send you instant alerts to your e-mail account if the kid makes use of certain keywords (abuses, explicit content) in the mails or conversations. The monitoring apps function stealthily and transmit the activity details to the user account which can be logged in from any computer.

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