Nov 19

How to Remove Metropolitan Police Virus

The metropolitan police virus is a virus that has being has been doing the rounds for a number of years but has recently started showing itself a lot more often. It is something that shows up in the UK more often than not and the lock screen will show any one of a number of different police forces.

The virus tends to lock you out of your computer and hide everything so that you cannot run your antivirus tools or clean up the virus. In some cases the virus will completely disable your security suite of choice.

This type of virus is known as ransom ware as it is designed to try to extort money from you. More than likely the screen that it shows you will say something along the lines of “you have been looking at illegal material and to prevent further action you must pay a fine within 24 hours” (Typically between £50-£100) DO NOT pay for anything.

The screen will more than likely look similar to the one on the right but they do vary.

Metropolitan police virus screenshot

If you want to know how to remove metropolitan police virus infections from your computer follow the simple instructions below and you will be back up and running quickly. There are many overly complicated instructions available on the internet for removing this virus that involve editing the registry etc. but this guide makes it a lot simpler using just a couple of free tools.

Removing metropolitan police virus

The first thing we need to do is bypass the virus so that it does not start when we start the computer. We can do this by booting into safe mode.

  1. Turn off your computer and then turn it back on. Press F8 as the computer is starting and you will be presented with the start-up options. Select Safe Mode with Networking. We want networking as we want to be able to download tools to get rid of the metropolitan police virus on your computer. – Booting into safe mode article
  2. Once the computer has booted into safe mode you should notice that you have access to your desktop again and the lock out screen is not appearing. Ensure you are connected to the internet and Download Malwarebytes®The program is free to use.
  3. Once the program has downloaded double-click the downloaded file to install the program. Ensure that you leave the option to update ticked when the install has finished as you want the latest definitions available to remove the metropolitan police virus from your system as it can change.
  4. The program should then update and launch. You now have options for a quick scan and a full scan. While a quick scan will remove the virus it is highly recommended you do a full scan of your system to ensure you remove all of the virus.
  5. Once the scan is finished click show results and it will show you the infections. If you are just suffering from the metropolitan police virus you will likely see 6 in here but viruses like this (Trojans) can open your computer up to other infections so you may see more.
  6. Press remove selected and wait for the program to remove the infections. You will then be prompted to restart your computer.

Additional steps after removal

These steps are not crucial as the previous program should remove the virus fully but they are worth doing or considering should you want to be sure your system is clean or want to ensure that it does not happen again.

Consider changing antivirus software

Some antivirus software is not so great at detecting and stopping viruses. You may want to consider changing your antivirus program as its clear it did not do its job on this occasion. Not antivirus software is ever 100% but there are some good free antivirus programs out there that do a better job than the ones you pay for.

If you are suspicious of free software or you are a commercial user than I can not recommend Kaspersky Internet Security highly enough given my experiences with it. (The version we have linked to is a 3 users licence which is excellent value)

Consider Malwarebytes Pro

Malwarebytes Pro® is the paid for version of the program we used to remove the virus. The free version does not run in the background of your computer and is something you have to run manually. The pro version runs in the background like your antivirus software and can pick up these infections before they become a problem.

Run TDSKiller

TDSSKiller is a tool from the Kaspersky that helps remove root kits from your computer. Root kits are stealthy bits of software that can give external users control of your computer and generally open it up for abuse. These are not always easy to pick up but TDSSkiller is quite successful at finding these bits of software and cleaning them off. It’s rare that the metropolitan police virus carries a root kit but it has been seen to in rare cases.

Download TDSSKiller