Mar 25

How to remove temporary files and clean the registry using our CCleaner tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to remove temporary files as well as delete temporary internet files using CCleaner. The second part shows you how to get a clean registry using the built-in free tools of CCleaner.

What is CCleaner

CCLeaner is a small and effective cleaning tool for windows and Mac operating systems that is generally considered safe to use. It scans for files and folders no longer needed by the system as well as temporary internet files, cookies and browser history and then removes it. In turn this also helps protect your privacy.

Download CCleaner for free from http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download

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The first screen you see (below) should have the cleaner tab selected and you simply want to press the run cleaner button. The analyse button runs an analysis to see how much space you will save by cleaning up.

After pressing the run cleaner button you will be presented with a warning screen (below). It is worth noting before pressing OK that this program cleans up all temporary files including browser history and cookies.

The cleaning can take a minute or 2 to complete but once finished you will be presented with the screen below which will tell you what has been deleted and the space saved.

Registry Cleaning (Advanced users only)

Modifying the registry can cause your system to become unstable or even unusable. Ensure you have a backup of important data.

Select the registry tab on the left hand side of the CCleaner screen. You will get a new list of items in the main screen.

Select scan for issues. The program will scan the registry for problems and give you a list of the problems found. Once the scan has completed press “fix selected issues”

You will then be asked to back up the registry. This is highly recommended as if will help to restore the registry if there are any problems. Back up the registry to a place on your computer.

After the backup is completed you will get a final chance to cancel the clean-up. If you wish to continue press “fix all selected issues”.