May 23

How To Shutdown Windows 8


In nearly all previous versions of windows the shutdown procedure was relatively simple to work out. The Shutdown, restart and sleep options were all located just off the start button.

Unfortunately in windows 8 this is not the case and with the revamp of the user interface the start button no longer exists in its old form. There is also no obvious way of shutting the computer down which has many people telling me that they have just switched their desktop off at the mains or just don’t turn the computer off at all.

This very brief tutorial will show you how to shutdown windows 8 .


Shutting down Windows 8 via the UI

1. Go to the bottom or top right of your screen with your mouse pointer and you will see a sidebar open with a number of different options. The sidebar can get frustrating as it will disappear if you move your mouse outside the sidebar.

This sidebar gives you multiple options such as searching for files and apps, accessing devices and accessing the start menu. We are only interested in shutting our computer down so for that we need to go to settings. Move your mouse down to settings and click it (highlighted red in the image below)Shutting down windows 8 settings

2. You will now see a new larger sidebar pop up on the right hand side of the screen. (see blow) This sidebar allows you to access numerous different aspects of the computer. We again are only interested in how to shutdown Windows 8. Move your mouse to the power option and click. You will see a new box pop up that should give you the options to shutdown or restart windows 8.

Shutdown windows 8

The process is a little long winded and if you find it frustrating you can always create a shortcut on your desktop as shown below.

Create a shortcut to shutdown Windows 8

Another way to shut down you computer is to simply create a shortcut on your desktop to shutdown windows 8.

1. Right click on your desktop and then select new and then shortcut.

2. In the window that opens type the following shutdown -s

3. If you want to create a restart shortcut you can use shutdown -r instead

4. Press next.

5. Give your shortcut a name (Either restart or Shutdown) and press finish.

You should now see a shortcut on your desktop that will shutdown or restart your computer when double clicked (although it does take a few seconds longer to shutdown windows 8 this way  than the normal way)