Apr 07

Print Screen Windows 7 and vista

Using print screen in Windows 7 to take a screenshot  is relatively easy to do. There 2 ways in which you can do this using the print screen key. The first allows you to use the print screen key in windows 7 to take a full screenshot of your current screen. The second way allows you to take a screenshot of the current window. For example if you wish to just take a screenshot of an error message that is popping up and not the whole screen you can do this with the second print screen option

There is a third way to perform screenshots on your computer that gives you much more control over what is copied and that is the windows sniping tool. You can find more information about using this useful little tool at Using the windows snipping tool.

This short tutorial shows you the 2 ways to use print screen in Windows 7 and Vista.

Taking a full screenshot with print screen (Windows 7 or Vista)

Taking a full screenshot in  Windows 7 is very simple and only requires you to press one button on your keyboard and that is the Print Screen button this is usually located next to the F12 key on your keyboard (highlighted red on the below image)
screenshot printscreen
This stores an image of your whole screen as you can see it to the clipboard.

You then need to open an imaging program on your computer. For the sake of this tutorial we are going to use Paint. Go to your start/windows button on the bottom left of your screen and find accessories and then select paint.

printscreen paint

Once the paint program opens select Paste from the top (Highlighted red) and it will paste your screen into the paint program. You can then save the image by pressing the little disc icon at the top (also highlighted red)

print screen paint 2

Print Screen or Screenshot of active window

Taking a screenshot of your active window using print screen  is very similar to a full screenshot we just use the ALT key with the print screen key.

Make sure you have clicked the window you want a screenshot of so that you make it active and then hold ALT and press the print screen key which is generally next to the windows key on your keyboard. (In red below)

screenshot active window
This again copies the active window to the clip board. Use the same process as before to paste it into your paint program and save it and thats how you print screen windows 7 style.