May 13

Setting Up Emails In Windows 8 Live Mail

Many providers now allow you to access you emails from anywhere via web-mail (the process of logging in to a website to collect you emails)but many still prefer to have the emails come directly into their computer. This article will look at how you can set up windows 8 live mail to receive your emails and what you need to be able to do it.

What You Need                                        

Aside from the obvious thing of a computer running windows 8 and windows live mail you also need a few other things

Username and password for your email account

This is usually found on a letter from your service provider or if it is something you setup yourself you probably have it written down somewhere

Pop or Imap servers

These are the servers used to collect your email. for example these will be pop.email.com or imap.email.com. These servers can usually be found on your providers help pages. you want to search their help pages for “pop email servers”

Smtp Server

The SMTP server is used to send email. This again can be found via your providers help pages.

Other settings

Some providers require you to use specific ports to connect to their servers. These again will be shown on your providers help pages.

Setting up windows live mail

We are starting from a blank Live mail screen so if this is the first time you have started live mail cancel all the initial requests to setup and email account until you are left with the screen below.

Windows live mail setup main

Click on the accounts link (Highlighted Red)

On the next screen click on the email link (highlighted red)

Add email windows live mail

You will no be presented with a screen that lets you add new email accounts to your email program.


Email Address: in the email address box add you full email address

Password: Enter your password here that you used when you setup the account or the password that was provided by your provider

Tick remember my password (This saves having to enter a password every time you check for new emails)

Display Name: This is the name you want to be displayed to the recipient.

Tick the box that says manually configure server settings (In my experience the automatic configure rarely works). Click Next.

On the next page you will configure the settings to collect and send emails.

windows mail server settings

Server Type: This could either be POP or IMAP  depending on what your provider supports. For the purpose of this tutorial we will be doing POP as this seems to be the most popular method.

Server Address: This is the outgoing server address you can find on your providers help pages or you can also find them here Popular email server addresses. Port is usually set at 110 but again check your providers hep pages if problems arise.

Log-on username: Enter your full email address again

Outgoing server: This is the SMTP address your provider will supply you again found in either original documentation when you set the email account up or via your providers help pages. Ensure that Requires authentication is ticked.

Click next and on the next screen click finish.

You should now have a screen similar to the below screen.

windows 8 live mail

To ensure that your outgoing server is set correctly right-click on your email account. In our case we click on test (test) and then right-click. Then select properties

In the next box click the servers tab and then at the bottom of the screen click the settings button.

outgoing live mail

The next screen will have your outgoing mail settings. In most cases select “use the same settings as my incoming mail server” unless told to do otherwise by your provider.