Mar 29

Show hidden files and folders on Windows 7 and Vista

How do I show hidden files and folders and why would I want to?

You may have noticed that all operating systems including windows 7 and vista have hidden files and folders. Although to a degree this does make sense after all the idea of hiding them is so they can not be deleted or modified and cause damage to your operating system but there may be times we need access to these files.

The most common hidden filesand folders that people want to view are the ones in the user account. Here things like your email accounts, bookmarks, settings and a host of other information can be stored and if that is data you want to backup you can as it is hidden.

To show hidden files widows7/ Vista follow the instructions below.

1. Go to your start/windows button on the bottom left of your screen and select control panel

Hidden files 1

2. To make things easier to find on the control panel screen press the “View by category” and then select large icons and left click your mouse.

Hidden files 2

3. You should now have a number of icons on the control panel. Select folder options and click it.

Hidden files 3

4. On the new screen that comes up select the view tab at the top (arrow 1) then select show hidden files, folders and drives and make sure there is a blue dot in it (arrow 2) Finally click the ok button at the bottom (arrow 3)

Hidden files 4

You should now find that all hidden files on you drive are no longer hidden and you should now be able to view hidden files on windows 7 and vista.