Software Tutorials

This page contains any important software tutorials we have posted in the past. The page is designed to make it easier to find important tutorials that we think need to be kept easy to locate without trawling the archives.

Each has a brief description and a link to the relevant post.


How to remove spyware and malware from your computer – Click here

Computer Maintenance
How to defragment your hard drive – Click here
How to check you disk health – Click here (vista and 7) Click here (XP)
How to perform a basic disk cleanup – Click here(Vista/7) Click here (XP)
Cleanup temporary files using CCleaner – Click here

How to change the wallpaper in windows 7 – Click here
Show hidden files on Vista and seven – Click here
Change file association  – Click here
How to boot into safe mode – Click here
How to show hidden files in windows – Click here
Change screensaver in Windows 7 – Click here
How to take a screenshot – Click here
Windows snipping tool – Click here
How to create a zip file in windows 7 – Click here
What are static IP addreses and how to set in windows – Click here
How to change your workgroup – Click Here
How to share a printer on Windows 7 – Click Here
How to download and install Microsoft office document imaging – Click Here
Fix Windows missing DLL errors – Click Here

Software Tutorials
Hiding and encrypting files with free software – Click here
Recover and backup product keys – Click Here

Word annoyances and solutions – Click here

Setup Gmail in Thunderbird – Click Here
Thunderbird backup using MozBackup – Click Here

How to delete browsing history on the 3 major browsers – Click Here