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The Best Reasons To Sell Old Computers

At the heart of the process around purchasing a new computer, rests the awkward and slightly uncomfortable question of what to with your old machine. Some advisors will offer numerous suggestions that combine malicious intent with nagging despair and eventually you might stumble on the fact that people actually sell old computers. Even as you gaze at the superseded laptop that has been moved slightly to the side and slightly out of sight, the prospect can become tantalizing.

Ironically, the internet that lived through your computer so enthusiastically is probably the best path to take in finding it a new home. There are many websites that offer convenience and value, while providing a worthwhile, environmentally sound solution. For those of us that don’t find haggling a pleasant experience and don’t have time to tote a computer from dealer to dealer, the anonymity and speed of the internet have much to offer.

The usual process to sell old computers starts with an appraisal that will provide the offer. While it may sound a little daunting, it is actually a simple and very routine exercise. The make and model of the machine will go some way to determining the age and its condition will also have a bearing on the finished value.

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But in providing a statement of the condition, it needs to be understood that the buyers are not interested in reading protracted descriptions or explanations of how a child’s head caused the scuff mark on the back of the computer. They simply want to know which of the three categories it fits, “Not working”, “Working with some wear” and “Working in as new condition”.

Remarkably, there is a market for computers that are not working. The parts recoverable from them can be used to resurrect other machines or they themselves may be able to be repaired. Of course, the value is greatly reduced, but with the screens intact it can be viable to sell old computers.

Once the price has been determined and you have accepted the offer, you will be directed to download a shipping form. This form will make it possible to send the computer cost-free to the buyer. When the computer arrives, the buyer will assess it, usually agree to the condition stated and pay the funds into a bank account, Paypal account or through another secure money transfer system.

But the industry through which people sell old computers need not be seen wholly as a commercially driven one. No doubt the people buying and selling the machines are in it to make money, but the motive of the seller can have a number of factors. These can include the protection of the environment, which may seem a distant thought from the world of high technology.On the topic of disposing of old computers it is surprising to note the number of responses that suggest simply destroying the unit. Various methods employing sledgehammers, windows of high-rise building and crowbars are put forward, but they all seem to neglect the dangers inherent in such a practice. Some components inside a computer contain such hazardous substances as Mercury, Lithium, Leads and Cadmium. When these are released into an environment they can have devastating effects.

Whether the act of destroying a computer is carried out with an axe or a bulldozer the dangers are the same. Simply tossing a computer into the trash to become landfill imposes these toxins on the environment and the communities in the immediate vicinity. In the Guiyu region of China electronic equipment has so damaged the soil and water sources that fresh water must be transported by truck from thirty kilometers away for fear of poisoning.

When faced with such catastrophic consequences, it is a relief that people sell old computers.

In the developed world, we have the capacity to make significant and informed decisions about the use of technology and, in turn, the disposal of the tools of technology. When we choose to sell old computers rather than allow them to impact on the future of our children we act responsibly and, to make the deal all the sweeter, we can make money a dollar out of it, too.

If you are looking to sell or dispose of your old computer It may be worth looking at this post before you do Secure delete/wipe your hard drive.

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