Mar 27

Top 10 google easter eggs and Hints, tips and tricks

Top 4 Google Easter Eggs

Open a google search page (www.google.com) and type any of the following into the search bar and hit search:

1. Do a Barrel Roll
2. Tilt
3. Google gravity

4. This one is a little more complex but if you go to google reader and then using your keyboard cursors up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. You should see a ninja on the left hand side

Google Tricks

5. Get google to tell you the time anywhere by simply typing for example “What is the time in mexico”

6. Cant find you calculator and have Goggle search up well then use google as a calculator. Simply enter a sum such as 15+15 and watch google do the maths

7. Perform unit conversion for example type 10kg in pounds into the search bar or currency conversion (for example 10 pounds to dollars)

8. Search for something within a specific website by adding site. Example below

news site:www.bbc.co.uk

9. Get the weather instantly of any place by typing weather and the place into google

Weather London

10. If you use google earth press Ctrl Alt A to use the built-in flight simulator