Apr 11

Top 10 most interesting websites to visit when bored

Interesting websites when bored

This list contains 10 of the most interesting sites I have found to look at when I have been bored at work or on an evening. Some of them are useful and some of them are fun but all will help you pass time.


One of the most fun sites on the internet in my opinion and one of my favourites. Literally learn how to make anything yourself from how to make a tablet PC from an old laptop to a fire truck camping car. It’s all here and there is 1000s upon 1000s of ideas and instructions.

Bug Me Not

We have all come across those sites that force you to login or register before you can access them. It can be annoying and time consuming and then there is the issue of spam. This is where bugmenot comes in. Simply search for the address in the search box and press get me logins and you will hopefully be provided with a user name and password for that site.

Ask an owner

This site does exactly what it says on the tin. Basically it allows you to ask fellow owners of products for their help and advice with a product or alternatively ask someone who has really used the product if it is as good as the reviews claim.

My Hot Spots

A UK website that allows you to find Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the UK by town. Useful if you are out and about a lot

Ping O Matic

This is a FREE service that allows you to ping search engines whenever your blog is updated with new content. A superb tool for any blogger.


The new craze sweeping the internet. A site where people showcase photos they find interesting from fashion accessories to the latest gadgets.


Snopes is an interesting site when you have some free time. It references urban legends, myths rumors and other misinformation.

The internet archive

This is an archive of web pages going all the way back to 1996. There are over 150 billion pages archived. Ever wanted to look at what Google looked like on the day it was born? Well you can here. The site can be a little slow at times but can be interesting.


zamzar allows you to covert files to another format without the need for any software on your computer.


This site allows you to see publicly available webcams from around the world. There are at the time of writing over 3000 cams to view.