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Top 25 FREE programs you should know about

The top 25 Free Programs

There are thousands of pieces of software on the Internet offered for free. Some of them very good and some of them very bad. Here is our toplist of 25 free bits of software you should know about from anti-virus programs to useful utility’s and browsers. Feel free to comment about your favorite bit of freeware and what makes it so good and dont forget to give us a link to it.

Download here

Avast is a free anti-virus program that is widely used by home users (estimated 165 million users in September 2011). Avast is available free for non-commercial use but other versions that are not free are available. In 2010 it made it into the top 10 of most downloaded programs on CNET.

2. AVG –  Download here

Avg free antivirus logo
AVG is a free anti-virus program used to detect and remove malicious items from a computer. AVG is a widely used anti-virus program with millions of downloads worldwide. It is available for non-commercial use but other version that are not free are available

3. AviraDownload here

Avira Anti virus logo

Avira is the 3rd anti-virus program in our list simply because anti-virus is so important nowadays. Again it is free for home (non-commercial use) and is widely used and recognised as one of the best anti-virus programs available.

4. Comodo Download here

Comodo Logo
Comodo is a free firewall program for those who want more than the firewall that comes with the operating system. Easy to use with a clear user interface makes it great for those more security conscious or who are not happy with security suites and prefer their ant-virus and firewall separate.

5. MalwareBytesDownload here

Malwarebytes Logo
Malwarebytes is an effective malware removal tool with high detection rates and fast scans. It is worth noting that the free version does not have real time protection so it is something that has to be run manually.

6. SuperAntiSpywareDownload here

Superantispyware Logo
This is another effective tool in the fight against spy-ware. Includes quick, full and custom scanning. It is also light on resources. It is worth noting that the free version does not have real time protection so it is something that has to be run manually.

7. Open OfficeDownload here

Open Office Logo
Open office is an open source office software suite which includes the following tools: word processor, spread sheet, presentation, database and more. The program can also read and save as popular .doc extensions as well as many others. It is freely available and has no restrictions on use.

8. CCleanerDownload here

Ccleaner Logo
CCleaner is system utility for scrubbing your system. It helps to clean up junk, temporary files, history, broken shortcuts and a host of other problems quickly and effectively. It is freely available but has no support.

9. DefragglerDownload here

Defraggler Logo
Defraggler lets you defragment your hard drive in essence speeding up your PC by reorganising files into a system that makes them quicker to access. It is freely available but has no support.

10. 7-ZipDownload here

7-Zip Logo
7-zip is open source software and is a file archive tool

11. SkypeDownload here

Skype Logo
Skype is a widely used program for communicating with friends and family from all over the world for free!

12. GnuCashDownload here

GnuCash Logo
GnuCash is personal and small business accounting software freely available and feature packed.

13. My LockboxDownload here

My Lockbox Logo
My Lockbox allows you to hide, lock or password protect almost any folder on your computer.

14.LogMeInDownload here

LogMeIn Logo
LogMeIn allows you to control a computer from another computer connected to the Internet. For example control your work PC from home.

15.FilezillaDownload here

Filezilla Logo
Filezilla is a fast and reliable FTP client that allows you to transfer files between websites and your computer.

16.TrueCryptDownload here

TrueCrypt Logo
TrueCrypt is free open source software disk encryption software for securing your confidential files.

17.CutePDFDownload here

CutePDF Logo
CutePDF is free software that enables you to output to PDF documents via the print function.

18.FirefoxDownload here

Firefox Logo
Firefox is a free and open source web browser. It is fast has a friendly user interface and is regularly updated.

19.Google ChromeDownload here

Chrome Logo
Google chrome is another freeware web browser.

20.ThunderbirdDownload here

Thunderbird Logo
Thunderbird is an email client that can be used as an alternative the windows mail.

21.VLC media PlayerDownload here

VLC Logo
VLC media player is a free cross platform media player that can play most multimedia files and various streaming protocols.

22.ITunesDownload here

ITunes Logo
ITunes is a popular digital media player and store used for downloading, playing saving and organising music and video as well as audio books and pod casts.

23.AudacityDownload here

Audacity Logo
Audacity is a free and easy to use audio editor and recorder for multiple platforms. Among other things it enables you to record live audio, convert tapes and records, mix sounds and more.

24.Easeus TodoDownload here

Easeus Logo
Easeus Todo is a free to use backup utility. It also offers the ability to clone you hard drive for backup purposes or upgrades.

25.DropboxDownload here

Dropbox Logo
Drop box is a free (2GB) backup service that allows you to backup you photos, documents, and videos and access them from anywhere. Note that the free version is 2GB see our data post if you are not sure how much 2GB is here.


  1. Jason Mathes

    Cool list! I created an (albeit smaller) list just like this one! I will have to check out Defraggler.

    You should definitely check out ninite.com – this is a very cool free utility to not only download a lot of the free tools you have mentioned. But if you re-run the installer will check for updates!

  2. Malwarebytes Review

    That was an amazing list mate! The only program I don’t have is LogMeIn, but I’m sure I’ll get round to downloading it soon! Once again, I congratulate you on your effort to put this great list together!
    Malwarebytes Review recently posted..Malwarebytes Pro Review | mbam Puts Viruses on Your PC! updated Fri Apr 27 2012 9:16 pm EDTMy Profile

    1. Cheers. LogMeIn is definately worth trying out. It is dependant on your connection but its a useful tool.

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