May 23

How To Download Microsoft Office Document Imaging And Install it

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The Microsoft office document imaging problem

Microsoft office document imaging is used to scan hard copies of documents and import them into your Microsoft office suite for editing. This software is ideal if you don’t have any software that came with your printer/scanner or you prefer to use software that you are familiar with.

This feature was always bundled in with the Microsoft office package from Office XP through to Office 2007 but now for some reason Microsoft have decided to take it out of the latest version Microsoft Office 2010.

Not to panic though you can still download the component from the Microsoft website and install it to give you this functionality back if that is what you need and prefer. This short tutorial will show you where to get it and how to install it.


Download and install Microsoft Office Document Imaging

1. First we need to get SharePoint designer 2007 which contains the MODI . This is available for free and can be downloaded from the link below. The download is close to 300Mb so will take a little while to download.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Free

2. Once the file has downloaded double-click the file to begin the install. Accept the licence agreement and select customize as your installation

Installing SharePoint

3. Expand the office tool section by pressing the plus and where it says Microsoft office document imaging click and select run all from my computer. Finally press the install button on the bottom to begin the installation.

Microsoft office document imaging installUsing Office Document Imaging

Once you have installed the SharePoint Designer you will be able to find Microsoft office document imaging under Microsoft and then office tools in your start menu.

Document imaging access

It is then a case of opening the program and selecting the correct scanner and settings you require and then click the scan icon.Documnet imaging 2

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