Hello and welcome to the Computer Learn How.

The aim of this blog is to help share a little knowledge and make your whole computer experience hopefully a little easier and fun. We cover a number of topics and tutorials to try to help with whatever problem you are having. We cover from the very basic to the more advanced so that we can help all skill levels and ages.

We dont want our useful posts and tutorials to get lost on our website as they do on some blogs so we have created pages which will link to tutorials and articles we think are worth keeping within easy reach. You can find these pages along the top navigation bar.

Who writes the content

Most of the content is written by Craig Aldred who has been working with computers for over 15 years and has spent time as a system builder, software and web developer and now the owner of small computer repair business in Derby. Craig has been working with computers since a young age and technology and football are his passions.

We also accept guest posts on our blog that we think are useful and informative to our readers. You will be able to tell which post are by guest authors by the Author Bio at the bottom of the article which will also link to their site. We check all content to ensure it is relevant and useful to our blog so that the reader gets the best experience possible.

Feedback and Input

We always welcome input and if there is something we have not covered drop us an email (see the contact us page) and if it is something that we think many of our readers will benefit from we will cover it.

We hope you find the blog useful and look forward to your comments.