Aug 08

What is The Best And Fastest Internet Browser

The internet is one of the biggest forms of communication used in the world today and choosing the fastest internet browser can make the experience a lot smoother.

An internet user has five major web browsers to choose from that can enhance the online experience for a user. Most heavy web users require a browser that is fast and secure, and though all browsers grant internet access, not all browsers are created equally and each web browsers has its pros and cons and places where it beats its competition.

Many people including myself run 2 sometimes more browsers and use a particular browser based on what we want to do. For example playing browser based games I like to use chrome as I find it quicker. When updating my blog or creating articles I use Firefox as things don’t work as well in chrome for me. Most people will just use one though and most people want to use the fastest browser available but there is no harm and it does not reduce performance by having more than one browser installed so you can play around.

When looking for the best and fastest internet browser there are five browsers that rank above the rest. They are Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer. These internet browsers are considered to be some of the best browsers on the market today and most have been around a number of years.

These browsers all have similarities, which include:

  • Free/No cost
  • Each browser has an integrated search engine
  • All browsers support Vista or Windows XP
  • Have a pop-up blocker
  • Each have a smart toolbar
  • Automatic Updates
  • Tabbed browsing & so much more!

Fastest internet browser logos

Apple Safari is also known as “The world’s most innovative browser”. Safari offers webpages in a full screen and is always blazing fast and easy to use. Safari offers features such as: private browsing, pop-up blocker, support for HTML5, tabbed browsing, spell-checking, and so much more. Unfortunately it seems apple have decided not to support future version of safari for windows and the latest version does not work with windows.

Safari 5.1.7 for windows – Download Here

Google Chrome offers many different things to a user. You’ll love Chrome because it excels in “Speed, Security, and Simplicity”. It has many useful features such as: access to thousands of apps, full-page translation, and themes from the chrome store. If safari is known as the most innovative than chrome must be known as the fastest internet browser.

Download Here

Mozilla Firefox is compatible with Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and MAC. Some of its useful features include: customization, parental controls, spell-check, and many other features. Firefox offers a seamless download manager which blocks pop-ups when a user is downloading. It does run chrome a close second to been the fastest internet browser available but its startup times sometimes let it down.

Download Here

Opera offers many helpful features which include: synchronization, customization, thumbnail preview and saved tabs. Opera offers features that the others don’t have. “Mouse Gestures” is where the mouse movements represent commands and is similar to shortcut keys. It also offers “Voice Interaction” and a user can use a microphone or headphones and speak to the browser or the browser will speak to you.

Download Here

Internet Explorer allows a user to customize their browser, gives the ability to synchronize web content between browsers, online support, and thumbnail preview. The browser allows a user to keep a set of tabs opened while surfing the web.

Download Here

At the end of the day, the absolute fastest internet browser on the market is Google Chrome. Even though Firefox, Safari, and Internet explorer excel in other areas, Chrome consistently performs better than the others and is becoming the browser of choice for many now.