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Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Setting Windows 10 Privacy Options

A lot has been made about Windows 10 privacy issues recently due to the free upgrade from previous versions and like lost people I do not mind sharing some information as at the end of the day its the information age but what I do not like is my information shared without my permission or knowledge that it is happening.

Unfortunately the default privacy settings for windows 10 seem to do just that when you first upgrade to windows 10 if you use express settings (as most users do) Luckily changing these settings is quick and easy to do and it enables you to decided what you want to share, what apps you want to share information with and what apps have access to personal information and things like your location.

You can also control what apps have access to things like your microphone, contacts webcam and a whole host of other things. Follow the instructions below to access and modify the Windows 10 privacy settings.

First of all click the start button in the lower left of your screen and then select settings

privacy settings 1

In the setting screen select the privacy options

privacy settings 2

You should now see a list of different sections down the left hand side and the options for each of those sections on the right. Go through each section checking the options to make sure you are comfortable with what each app is accessing (for example some apps by default are given permission to use your camera, microphone, location etc) You can use the little switch to turn each setting on or off

Windows 10 privacy settings

There are a couple worth noting in here.


Turning location off all together will mean that things like weather apps and news site will not be able to gather your location so the information may be less targeted. If you want some apps to use your location it may be easier to select which apps can and can’t rather than turning location off.

Speech,Inking & Typing

Turning this off will disable Cortona (Learn more about Cortana)

Diagnostic and feedback

This is by default is set to enhanced which includes how often you use individual apps what services you sign into and can include parts of documents you were working on (unintentionally) if an app crashes. When people know the extent of what is collected it can make you feel a little uncomfortable so I always recommend basic for this option.

It is definitely worth taking a bit of time over these privacy settings and understanding what they are doing to be sure you are happy with what is happening in the background of your computer. If you are not sure what something does and you turn it off you can always come back into settings at a later date and re-enable the that particular Windows 10 privacy setting.


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    Thanks for these privacy settings, this would make my computer a lot more secure, thanks
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